What are the differences in choosing LED full-color screens in different regions?


There will be different differences in the use of LED full-color screens in different regions, which is mainly reflected in the climate. LED full-color displays are more sensitive to temperature and humidity. The full-color LED display module has water droplets attached to it. If it is not ventilated in time for a long time, the connectors of the LED full-color screen will be rusted. The area needs to do a good job of ventilation inside the full-color LED full-color screen. It is recommended that the LED full-color screen be turned on an average of 3-6 times a week, so that the inside of the full-color LED display is dry and high-temperature dehumidification. Another point is the influence of temperature. The LED full-color display is in a high temperature state for a long time, which will lead to the accelerated aging process of components, that is, the normal use can reach 10 years. If the components of the LED full-color display accelerate aging, the lamp bead The brightness will decay quickly, and the life of the power supply and power cord will also be shortened a lot. It is recommended that especially outdoor LED full-color screens need to install air conditioners and axial fans to keep the internal temperature of the LED full-color screen at 16-28 degrees during operation. If the temperature is too high, it will affect the normal operation of the full-color LED display. We all know that electronic components usually mark the interval index of low temperature and high temperature. If the temperature is too low, such as Russia Or in Canada or even in the northern part of our country, the temperature is lower than -30 or even -40 degrees, the capacitor of the LED full-color screen power switch will not conduct electricity due to the liquid medium factor, so the switching power supply will not start normally, and a non-traditional low-temperature power supply is required. It can be used normally. Some customers do not understand this knowledge when installing LED full-color displays for the first time. They often use air conditioners or heating equipment to preheat first, which will be much more cumbersome. Therefore, it is recommended to use in countries or regions with ultra-low temperatures. Choose low-temperature products for full-color LED displays. .

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