What are the disadvantages of high brightness of full-color LED advertising screen


What are the disadvantages of the high brightness of the full-color LED advertising screen? Everyone knows that the brightness of the full-color LED advertising screen must be greater than the illuminance to clearly display some information, so how high the brightness must be to meet the requirements. Indoor LED advertising screen brightness greater than 800CD can meet the requirements of the indoor environment, outdoor LED advertising screen must be greater than 5000CD to meet the requirements of direct sunlight. Some LED screens are installed under the eaves or in a place with a roof, and the brightness of 3500CD or more can be satisfied. If the LED advertising screen sits east to west and the sun’s ultraviolet rays are strong in the afternoon, then it needs to be above 6000CD.

Is the brightness of led advertising screen getting better and better? The editor here can clearly tell you that this is not the case. I think people in the industry should know that LED advertising screens are mainly composed of diodes. Because of energy saving and high brightness, LED products are very popular in the display industry. When many LED advertising screen manufacturers introduce to customers, most of them will say that the higher the brightness, the better the quality. Is this really the case? One is the cost factor.

If you simply pursue higher brightness, it will inevitably lead to an increase in the cost of the LED advertising screen project, which means that users who buy LED advertising screens are likely to exceed the budget for this, and the demand performance of the use is bought in some parts. single resulting in waste. Therefore, when purchasing LED advertising screen prices, there is no need to listen to too many misunderstandings from merchants about the higher the brightness, the better the screen. The most important thing is to understand that it is meaningless to blindly pursue brightness. Because the LED advertising screen adopts self-luminous technology, as a light source, the LED lamp beads usually have brightness attenuation after a period of use.

However, to achieve brightness, a larger drive current is required. But under strong current, the stability of LED lamp beads will be greatly reduced, and the decay will be fast. In other words, the brightness is sacrificed at the expense of the quality and life of the LED advertising screen as a sacrifice for brightening.

Not only that, LED advertising screen, as one of the higher brightness among many display products, once became the overlord of outdoor display products, but once it is night, the screen is too bright and it will become a burden, which is environmental pollution, so moderate The pursuit of brightness and environmental protection becomes more meaningful. The above is about whether the brightness of the LED advertising screen is as bright as possible, and please pay attention to those who buy full-color LED advertising screens. I hope it can be helpful to everyone. .

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