What are the factors that cause the blurred screen phenomenon of the LED display screen, and how to solve it?


We found that some outdoor LED displays sometimes display half or blurred screens. What is the reason for this? The outdoor LED display shows half or the screen is caused by the following two factors: 1. The outdoor LED display is half-drawn with no display or half of the display. The LED display is half-drawn with no display or half of the display. The situation is also very common. It is often manifested in the fact that only a part of the content that needs to be displayed is displayed, and it is impossible to fully display the purpose of advertising and improve the brand image of the store. Generally, there are many factors that cause such failures. The factors are generally, The internal power supply circuit is aging, causing the power supply circuit to be cut off, some display modules cannot receive normal power supply, or the LED driver IC with poor performance cannot work well or work abnormally, resulting in the current supply cannot always be dispatched, The solution to this situation is similar to the previous one. It is necessary to replace the matching power supply line so that the internal current supply network of the display can be connected and powered normally, and the driver IC that is unstable or abnormal is replaced to ensure that the driver The current of each phase of the IC is normally distributed, and it is enough to obtain a balanced and stable operation. 2. Part of the outdoor LED display screen is blurred. The LED display is partially blurred. It is one of the more common failures of the door sign LED display. Because the customer is not a professional, the door sign display often causes a lot of distress to customers. , because the fault cannot be dealt with immediately, and when it affects the brand image of the store and the advertising effect, it feels that there is more than enough power, this fault situation is one of the more subtle faults for professionals, and the main factor is the display The long-term use of the screen, the aging of the internal transmission data line or the instability of the selection of fake and inferior brand driver ICs on the module board, the solution is to replace the matching aging accessories, or repair the faulty driver IC of the module board until the display returns to normal display can. .

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