What are the functions of LED full-color screen video processors?


"What functions does the LED full-color screen video processor have?" After the LED full-color screen is processed by the video processor, the overall effect will be significantly improved. The first is the quality of the LED screen, the color is vivid, and the degree of restoration is high. The second is that the video camera, DVD, TV digital signal and other programs can be converted to the LED full-color screen through the video processor. At the same time, the LED electronic screen can also realize some special effects. . Let's explain in detail the specific functions of the video processor used in the LED full-color display. Support picture-in-picture-picture-in-picture technology, the LED full-color screen superimposes another picture with the same or different input while the original picture remains unchanged. The picture-in-picture function of LHHY-602 can not only adjust the size, position, border, etc. of the superimposed layer arbitrarily, but the video processor can also use this function to realize picture-in-picture (POP) and dual-screen display. Support pre-switching technology - pre-switching technology is to predict in advance whether the input channel to be switched has a signal when switching the input signal. This function reduces the possibility of LED electronic screen errors caused by direct switching due to line disconnection or no signal input, and the video processor improves the success rate of the performance. Partial and full-screen fast switching—LHHY-602 video processor has simple and practical operations for intercepting part of the screen and LED screen operation. Any input channel can independently set different interception effects, and each channel can still achieve seamless switching. The user can arbitrarily set the size and position of the part of the screen captured by the current channel, while the capture method of other channels remains unchanged. When the video processor is switched, the functions of partial or full-screen images can be followed between channels. Practical video output interface—the video processor has 3 channels of video output to the LED large screen, and 1 channel of DVI1 video distribution output (that is, LOOP OUT). The 2-way video output adopts 2 DVI output interfaces. These 2 videos are programmed to output to LED sending card or display. Multi-channel video input—LHHY-602 adopts 5-channel video input, including 2-channel composite video (Video), 1-channel VGA, 1-channel DVI, and 1-channel HDMI. Basically has covered the needs of civil and industrial use. When the video processor is used, all video input switches can realize fast cut and fade in and fade out switching effects to the LED display. Rich output resolution—LHHY-602 has designed several practical output resolutions for users, the widest one is 2048 points, the highest one is 1920 points, and it is suitable for all kinds of dot matrix LED full-color screens. More than 20 kinds of output resolutions are available for users to choose, and can be adjusted to point-to-point output. Seamless switching of any channel—LHHY-602 video processor can also realize seamless switching between any channels, and the switching time is adjustable from 0 to 1.5 seconds. Use the fade in and fade out switching effect to make the screen smoothly switch to the second screen when switching the input channel. Using Quick Switch, when switching the input channel, the video output can be switched instantly. Preset calling function—LHHY-602 video processor adopts 4 groups of user presets, each group of user presets can store all user setting parameters, and supports image freezing—in the process of playing on the LED full-color screen, the current image may need to be frozen Get up and realize the "Pause" screen. When the picture freezes, the operator can also change the current input selection or change the line, etc., to avoid background operations from affecting the performance. 30-bit image lossless scaling technology—LHHY-602 adopts a dual-core image processing engine, and a single core can process 30-bit image scaling technology, which can realize output from 64 to 2560 pixels, and the video processor can simultaneously achieve 10 times the image zoom output, Even if the LED large screen has a maximum screen size of 25600. Unequal splicing and equal splicing—the splicing function is an important part of LHHY-602, which can realize equal splicing and unequal splicing, which greatly meets the various needs of users in splicing. Frame synchronization, zero delay, no tailing and other technologies have been realized in multiple video processors, making the performance of the LED full-color screen perfect and smooth. Unequal splicing and screen partial output are set in the same setting method, users can read the operation instructions in the following chapters in detail. Set-and-save technology—set-and-save technology solves the cumbersome setting and manual storage process for users, that is, users do not need to perform manual saving operations after tuning or adjusting parameters, and the LHHY-602 video processor automatically saves user parameters in EEPROM In , even after the LED full-color screen is powered off and turned on, the parameters before the power off are still retained in the device. .

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