What are the methods of heat dissipation for LED electronic screens in high temperature environments


In a high-temperature environment, not only people are hot, but also outdoor LED electronic screens. What method should these outdoor LED screens use to cool down and avoid "heat stroke"? 1. Axial flow fan for heat dissipation. When installing the LED electronic screen, in a conditional environment, it is recommended to install an axial flow fan on the upper part and two sides of the LED screen to extract the heat inside the screen, which can extend the length of the LED electronic screen. Long life, more commonly used method, this method is low in cost and good in effect. 2. Use aluminum heat dissipation fins, which is the most common heat dissipation method, use aluminum heat dissipation fins as a part of the shell to increase the heat dissipation area. 3. Air fluid mechanics, using the shape of the lamp housing to create convective air, which is the lowest cost way to enhance heat dissipation. 4. Surface radiation heat dissipation treatment. The surface of the LED electronic screen lamp shell is treated with radiation heat dissipation. The simpler method is to apply radiation heat dissipation paint, which can take heat away from the surface of the lamp shell by radiation. 5. Integration of heat conduction and heat dissipation – the use of high heat conduction ceramics, the purpose of heat dissipation of the lamp shell is to reduce the operating temperature of the LED electronic screen chip, because the expansion coefficient of the LED chip is very different from that of our usual metal heat conduction and heat dissipation materials, it cannot be used The LED chip is directly welded to avoid high and low temperature thermal stress from damaging the chip of the LED electronic screen. 6. Heat pipe heat dissipation, using heat pipe technology to guide the heat from the LED electronic screen chip to the heat dissipation fins of the shell. 7. The heat-conducting plastic shell is filled with heat-conducting materials when the plastic shell is injected, so as to increase the heat conduction and heat dissipation capabilities of the plastic shell. With the maturity of technology and the concept of environmental protection, LED display manufacturers will have different considerations in the production of LED electronic screens according to the size of the power and the place of use, and use more methods to improve the heat dissipation of LED electronic screens. Heat dissipation is very important for LED electronic screens. Long-term high-temperature operation will affect the service life of the electronic screen and cause safety accidents such as fires. .

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