What are the obvious differences between indoor LED display and LCD screen


Indoor LED displays are now more and more used in advertising, monitoring, stage backgrounds, conferences, entertainment and other places. It is currently the best and most commonly used display device for large indoor screens. Compared with LCD screens, indoor LED displays still have a large The competitive advantages are mainly reflected in the advantages of life, color, maintenance, splicing, size customization, and high contrast. The core material of the indoor LED display is composed of several light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Because it is a solid-state package, the anti-oxidation and anti-collision performance is obviously better than that of the LCD screen. Secondly, the color reproduction degree displayed by the LED is very high, and the color is vivid. Many users The biggest reason for the choice is that the LED display screen is spliced ​​by many unit modules, so it is very convenient to maintain. If there is a fault in the future, it can be replaced directly, and the LCD screen is a whole package, so it cannot be repaired. . Another great advantage of indoor LED display is that it can customize the size according to the user's on-site environment, and can achieve a small deviation from the on-site size, and can achieve seamless splicing.

The size of a single LCD screen is fixed and can also be spliced, but there will be a large deviation between the overall size and the size of the on-site environment. The biggest disadvantage is that the splicing is more obvious. LCD screens have obvious advantages for offices, homes or smaller areas. For example, TVs and computer monitors have always been dominated by LCD screens. The biggest advantage of LCD screens is high resolution, but compared with indoor LED screens, the brightness of LCD screens It is much lower, so we recommend that the screen with a relatively small area choose an LCD display, and the screen with a slightly larger area choose an indoor LED display. .

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