What common sense should a LED electronic display sales consultant possess?


LED electronic display sales consultants must first have an in-depth understanding of product structure, components, control methods, materials, etc., in order to answer the actual needs of different users. The installation position of each LED electronic display is different, resulting in different size design, unit arrangement, control method, wiring method, maintenance method, and installation structure. If the user has special requirements for the configuration of the LED electronic display, it must be Learn more about the performance and price of raw materials. First of all, let's start with the installation method. LED electronic display screens can be used outdoors and indoors. Usually outdoors are mainly hung on walls and columns. In some places, such as traffic screens, they need to be F-shaped structure or bridge-type hoisting or seat-squatting type. Installation, outdoor LED electronic display screens need special attention that they must be waterproof and easy to maintain, and can easily repair and replace components in various positions.

Indoor LED electronic display screens are usually hung on the wall, the installation is relatively simple, and there is no problem with the maintenance of the magnetic structure. Different installation methods have different structures for LED electronic displays. It is recommended that LED electronic display sales personnel should often go deep into the assembly workshop and installation site, so as to understand what kind of environment needs to design what kind of structure. The structure of LED electronic display screen is divided into magnetic suction structure, simple box structure, waterproof box structure with back door, front clamshell structure, die-casting aluminum box structure, integral mobile four-wheel structure, etc.

There are also many types of LED electronic display control methods. Which control method to use depends on the user's use environment, such as outdoor indoor advertising, stage background, multimedia display in conference rooms, security monitoring, video conferencing, real-time data display, etc., LED Electronic display control methods are divided into wireless cluster control, network cable synchronous control, WIFI control, serial port control, U disk control, etc. How to reasonably match is the basic requirement of our LED electronic display sales staff. The wiring method of the LED electronic display screen is divided into the laying of the main cable and the network cable inside and outside the screen body. The inside of the screen body must be accurately calculated according to the scanning mode of each type of LED module, the loading range and refresh frequency of the receiving card, and then it can be arranged. Find the best data direction, and the load power of each power supply can carry several LED modules. This is the basic knowledge of the internal wiring of the LED electronic display. The external wiring methods are mainly divided into main power supply cables and For signal transmission, the main cable should be calculated according to the total power of LED electronic display screen and supporting equipment, such as LED screen body, cooling fan, air conditioner, lighting, control computer, etc. The signal part depends on whether to choose synchronous control or wireless control. Synchronous control needs to be laid with super five national standard network cables, and wireless control or WIFI control can be used without wiring. .

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