What does the LED screen have to do with the Internet of Things?


"What is the relationship between LED screens and the Internet of Things?" The actual combination of LED screens and the Internet of Things is not the future, but the present. When will the Internet of Things come?"as well as"What are the concept stocks of the led screen IoT concept? Has the led screen IoT application taken off? In fact, we have all been on this flight and have been flying for a while. Looking back on the keywords of the led screen industry in 2016, I think"internet of things"It should be among the top few in the search ranking list. Many friends in the LED screen industry also like to ask many people in the industry a question, that is:"When will the Internet of Things come?"as well as"What are the concept stocks of the LED screen Internet of Things?", usually when asked this question, many people in the industry will take a deep breath first, and then ask with a smile: Do you know which Internet of Things does not use LED screens? This answer can probably answer about 40% of people The remaining 60% of people may be unfamiliar with the definition of the Internet of Things and the supply chain, and are often asked by the boss what the company is"future"Where are the business opportunities and positioning of the Internet of Things, and the report cannot be written, so they feel confused. Many people in the industry share their seemingly irrelevant but inseparable relationship between LED screens and the Internet of Things. A lot of advice from seniors in the industry. The Internet of Things: perception layer, network layer, application layer So, how to establish an interconnection mechanism between objects to collect information, transmit, interpret and execute? Since objects are not alive, we must first endow them with sensory organs, such as: eyes (IP Camera, ambient light sensor), ear (microphone), nose (gas'smog, PM2.5 detector)... etc., objects can receive external stimuli, this part belongs to the Internet of Things"perception layer", part of the sensor is composed of an invisible LED screen or LED screen photoelectric components. The next step is to upload the collected information and upload it to the cloud or system processor through the network for analysis. This processing procedure is"network layer", is also a kind of big data database. The system program receives the returned data, and after computer analysis and processing, it transmits the instructions to be executed through the network layer, such as turning on or off the lights or appliances at home. This is"application layer", In the near future, the Internet of Vehicles can use complex algorithms to collect information through sensors and transmit and communicate with communication networks, so that cars driving on the road can communicate with each other, and driving will be more efficient and safer.

The Internet of Things is the Internet of Things, which literally means specific"thing"Between"the Internet", then how to connect"internet of things"What? First of all, we can divide the Internet of Things into three major blocks, namely"perception layer","network layer","application layer"The operation mechanism of the Internet of Things is similar to the interaction between the human brain, nervous system and sensory organs that receive external stimuli. The information is sent back to the brain through the nervous system, and the brain interprets and analyzes the information, and then responds further. The truly unmanned Internet of Vehicles Amazon wants to be an unmanned warehouse and monopolize the robot storage market, so after buying Kiva Robots for $775 million in 2012, it officially notified the warehousing and logistics customers who are using Kiva robot services, saying that in After the contract expires, the service and sales of Kiva robots will be terminated. For Amazon CEO Jess Bezos who ordered the acquisition of Kiva Robots at the time, was $775 million considered expensive? I don’t know, but since the acquisition of Kiva, Amazon’s logistics warehouses around the world have more than 30,000 Kiva robots all year round According to estimates, a distribution center that fully introduces Kiva robots can save 20% of marketing expenses (Operating Expense) a year, which is about 22 million US dollars. Amazon still has 100 distribution centers that have not yet introduced Kiva. If it is fully introduced, it will save nearly 2.5 billion US dollars in marketing costs. Unmanned warehousing is the ultimate goal of Amazon, and it is also a demonstration of the leading competitiveness of logistics.

The relationship between LED screens in the supply chain of the Internet of Things, because the Internet of Things system is too large, the industry still cannot accurately define its supply chain, the industry database company"Gartner Energy"Take the lead in dividing the IoT Lighting Chain into six major blocks, namely"element","brand","Telecommunications provider","the cloud","platform","path", although led screens are clearly classified as"element"Among them, it feels similar to the current LED screen supply chain, but in fact it is more flexible. These six types of IoT supply chains do not only have a linear upstream and downstream supply relationship, but a very irregular cross-correlation. It is believed that the upstream and downstream relationship is: component-brand-cloud-telecom provider-platform-channel. In fact, this is just a permutation and combination supply relationship in the IoT supply chain. In order to maintain competitiveness, IoT manufacturers must continue to invest in products and patents. In addition to research and development, sometimes skipping the supply chain manufacturers in the middle, contacting component manufacturers directly, and then customizing the required products. In Amazon's eighth-generation logistics center, Kiva Robots installed a total of 16 two-color ( White, blue) LED screens are used to display Kiva's status and actions (PS: Kiva can work in a completely dark environment), and in order to prevent collisions when the robot army moves quickly, 16 groups of similar sweepers are installed on the front and back The IR sensor of the robot and the 2D camera with 6 red LED screens on the bottom of Kiva recognize the two-dimensional barcode marked on the ground, upload the barcode information to the cloud, and the system calculates the best path and moves to the correct shelf position. Next, identify the two-dimensional barcode on the bottom of the shelf through the 2D camera equipped with 6 red LED screens on the top. After confirming that it is correct, lift the shelf and move it to the manual packaging area. The path before reaching the packaging area is also Remotely monitor the dynamics of all Kiva robots in real time to avoid collisions. In Apple's supply chain management, the key components are definitely Apple directly discussing specifications and prices with suppliers. What is the relationship between led screen and unmanned warehouse IoT? The example is finished, but what does it have to do with the LED screen? Don’t worry, let’s simulate a situation, assuming we are giants, lift off the roof of one of Amazon’s eighth-generation logistics centers that have imported Kiva robots, and observe its operation throughout the day , The trigger point for Kiva’s day’s work is that you press OK on the Amazon platform to purchase the product list and complete the payment process (sensing layer). After the Amazon server receives your purchase list (network layer), Then send the order to the logistics center closest to your designated delivery location. If there is no stock, it will arrange to transfer the goods to the nearest and available logistics center. At this time, the Kiva robot also starts to warm up. After receiving the system scheduling instruction After the official start (application layer).

In the packaging area, the final confirmation before packing is done manually. The devices related to the LED screen components and LED screen sensors in the packaging area include: handheld barcode scanner, barcode printer, automatic tape cutting machine, automatic packaging material cutting machine and overhead lighting. After the product is packaged, the next step is to enter the distribution roller. The distribution roller track is equipped with an IR led screen module to detect the passage of the product, and a barcode scanner to identify which product has passed, and adjust the product to the correct delivery on track. The scale conversion of 30,000 robots may not use much LED screens, but in the e-commerce pie competition, is Amazon the only competitor? There are also manufacturers that are expanding horizontally: DHL, Fedex, Alibaba, and those actively shifting to e-commerce Walmart, the physical channel giant in the market, and other manufacturers of the same nature; in addition, there are also vertically expanded product lines. In order to maintain a leading position in e-commerce, Amazon continues to optimize the efficiency of the logistics process, in addition to Kiva robots, AGV, and convenient logistics. A wearable barcode scanner carried by the crew, and recently applied for a patent for the storage of drone spacecraft.

Making warehousing and logistics more efficient through interconnection functions is just one of the wide applications of the Internet of Things. LED screens are in"perception layer"and"application layer"They also served as important component roles, so, has the IoT application of LED screens taken off? In fact, we have all been on this flight and have been flying for a while. This article is co-produced by Experts said APP and author columnist A many industry insiders. Any unauthorized reprinting is prohibited.

Pei Xiaoming, vice president of United Huiye Optoelectronics, in charge of R&D and quality, has been engaged in the LED screen industry for 29 years. One of the participants in the research and development of the 2016 National Technology Invention Second Prize "multi-interface light-thermal coupling white light LED screen packaging optimization technology". Experts of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Guangdong Province, and Shenzhen Expert Database.


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