What indicators need to be understood when purchasing large LED screens


Nowadays, LED large screens can help many businesses carry out brand promotion and product display, and have achieved good results. Many brand chain industries have installed LED large screens, such as gold jewelry stores, restaurants, hotels, clothing, boutiques, etc., choose LED Which aspects of the big screen need to be understood is something that many users are eager to understand. LED large screen not only has flexible installation size, but also has a great improvement in weight compared with traditional products. The main color is clearer and fuller, allowing users to see more pleasing video images. What aspects should we pay attention to if we want to buy a good-quality led large screen? What are the criteria for judging the quality of LED large screens? The following are some things to pay attention to when purchasing LED large screens.

1. Color: The LED large screen is composed of three primary colors of red, green and blue. The ratio of the three primary colors is 3:6:1. If the LED large screen is strictly in accordance with this standard, the color matching will show the purest white. Therefore, the LED large screen A slight deviation in the ratio of the three primary colors of the screen produced by the manufacturer will lead to a deviation in the white balance, which will affect the display quality of the LED large screen, so it is also very important to check the white balance when purchasing. 2. Brightness: Normally, the brightness of the indoor LED screen should reach 600cd/m2 or above, and the minimum outdoor LED screen needs to reach 4000cd/m2 to ensure normal display work, otherwise it will be difficult for everyone to see clearly because of insufficient brightness. image content. Therefore, if you want to buy a large LED screen with good display effect, it depends on the quality of its LED lamp beads and its brightness parameters.

3. Flatness: In order to ensure that the displayed image will not be distorted, the surface flatness of the large led screen must be kept within ±1mm. If this requirement is not met, and local unevenness will cause the large led screen When playing a video, there is a problem that the viewing angle has a dead angle. Therefore, it can be said that flatness is a major factor in judging high-quality LED large screens. The above three aspects are the main points that you can refer to when purchasing a large led screen. When you buy a large led screen, you all hope to have a good playback effect, so you have to start with the flatness, brightness and color of the large led screen. On the one hand, go to buy, so as to ensure that you can buy the ideal led large screen products.


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