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At present, the advertising machine market is mainly dominated by LCD screens, but with the birth of LED small-pitch screens, it breaks the barrier that LED screens are only suitable for long-distance viewing. In addition, the cost of LED screens is getting lower and lower, and the playback effect is amazing. A new media advertising communication equipment LED mirror screen. What is LED mirror screen? LED mirror screen is commonly known as "static screen", which is evolved from advertising machine, and also belongs to a subdivision of small-pitch LED display products. The LED mirror screen is a form of static pictures switched in time sequence. It is an LED "mirror screen" that subverts the original dynamic playback, sound and image modes.

Of course, the LED mirror screen can also play dynamic videos and so on. At present, LED "mirror screen" is rapidly entering the commercial display market and replacing some LCD advertising machines. It has become a magic weapon for many merchants to create a perfect shopping environment, and it has also opened up the LED display market in the commercial display era. At present, United Huiye Technology has launched the small-pitch LED advertising machine iPoster, which is the LED mirror screen. Welcome to consult.

It is a new type of media for publishing dynamic advertising information for fashion consumption. Users can realize centralized control, reservation management and transmission of multimedia content through 3G and WiFi unlimited functions. A series of beautiful dynamic graphics bring a novel visual experience. Advantages of LED mirror advertising screen 1. Light and thin screen body, front maintenance, the appearance design strives to present high-end atmosphere, fashion and novelty, flexible and changeable installation methods, which can meet the installation needs of various application scenarios. 2. The system adopts zero-setting design, simple and convenient operation, plug-and-play advertising, and intelligent remote monitoring and management through mobile APP, so that everything is under control.

The LED "mirror screen" can be spliced ​​arbitrarily, so it has a larger area and a wider viewing angle than traditional LCD and DLP, so it is more eye-catching and has a stronger visual impact. 3. In the static state, the requirements for color and clarity are more obvious than in the dynamic video. The viewer can watch more carefully in the static state, and has its superb place in dealing with close-range ink and ripples. 4. Stability, which can control the jumping of static pictures in a few seconds, and the LED display will not appear the phenomenon of fast and slow.

There is also stability in the control management system, information release, etc. .

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