What is the development trend of the small-pitch display industry?


LED display manufacturers and Huiye will take you to understand the development trend of the small-pitch display industry: 1. Semiconductor industry: China has already produced a high-quality space environment for the development of the semiconductor industry. A series of industrial chains such as Tongfang Guoxin, SMIC, and Changdian Technology The faucet has already formed a layout that takes into account both competition and cooperation. The vigorous development of industrial funds has provided solid capital support for Chinese semiconductor companies; The absolute advantage of China's semiconductor industry has prompted China's semiconductor industry to maintain the pace of development. 2. Internet technology and intelligent hardware: Internet technology and intelligent hardware will be the infrastructure construction to reconstruct the way of people's social groups. Information management and the Internet require it to have a large number of richer perception capabilities, in-depth data sorting levels, and intelligence. These requirements will eventually be found in a series of automation technology products such as highly developed wearable devices, smart home products, virtual reality systems, and sensors with various functions.

3. According to LED display manufacturers, LED small-pitch display is a source of vitality in the field of LED display, which promotes the development of LED display screens that have started to slow down in the same cycle as DLP and other products, and has risen to become DLP and LCD liquid crystal splicing It is a substitute for screens and opens up new growth space for the LED display field. With the support of display equipment, the integrated integration from hardware configuration to operation will generate new impetus for the field. 4. High-end equipment manufacturing: In recent years, my country has provided support to the overall semiconductor industry in various ways, but at this stage, there has not been a large-scale support and integration of raw materials and equipment manufacturing, which happens to be relatively heavy assets. Support subsidized industries.

Everyone is very concerned about the probability of national-level support in this industry. In addition, they are more concerned about the growth space of domestic equipment manufacturing companies and the potential probability of extensional mergers and acquisitions. It is an overall weak point for domestic companies. The development is very worth hoping for. .

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