What is the market situation of hoisting LED full-color screens?


The hoisting LED full-color screen is one of the creative products. The entire LED full-color screen covers the entire ceiling, giving people a visual impact. Although the product is good, how about the market response? What are the advantages of hoisting the LED full-color screen during the installation process? Technical indicators, we analyze in detail. The hoisting led full-color screen is a new type of supporting large-scale display screen for the decoration of urban landmark buildings such as commercial real estate. It is hoisted on the ceiling of the building and plays a better role in lighting and rendering the indoor and outdoor environments of the decorative hoisting led full-color screen. With the continuous expansion of the hoisting LED full-color screen market, its value in commercial real estate has also been widely recognized by the industry.

So, what are the technical requirements for hoisting LED full-color screens during the installation process? Standard modular design: due to the needs of manufacturing, the cabinet needs a certain size. If the cabinet is too large, it is difficult to produce and easy to install. Otherwise, it is easy to produce , installation is cumbersome. The standardized design of the hoisting LED full-color screen box can make the LED display original, power supply, control, and unit structure integrated, and it is easy to aging, debugging, transportation and installation. Ease of use: "Lifting weight like light" is the design standard for large-scale products. The more advanced and bulky things are, the easier it is to operate, including maintenance, debugging, and use.

The lightweight product design can reduce labor costs in the subsequent installation and maintenance process and make the whole process more efficient. Thin and transparent: The area of ​​hoisting LED full-color screen projects is generally very large, and it is installed by hoisting, and its own weight cannot be ignored. Therefore, when using hoisting led full-color screens, you should reduce your own weight as much as possible to reduce the burden on the load-bearing structure, and use a "transparent" design to reduce wind loads.

In addition, the aesthetics of the hoisting LED full-color screen itself should also be paid attention to. The thin and light appearance design can add luster to the entire hoisting implementation process. During the day, this kind of screen can present a translucent visual effect, with good lighting, you can see the blue sky and white clouds; at night, you can play beautiful videos under the bright starry sky, accompanied by wonderful sound effects, bringing people shocking visual feast. LED full-color screen manufacturer Shenzhen United Huiye Technology has created a new type of transparent LED hoisting screen with originality, which can realize the installation of a transparent LED full-color screen on the hoisting. This hoisting is lighter, more transparent, and more magical! http://www.xspled .com/h-nd-704.html .

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