What is the price range of LED display


The price of LED display screens ranges from a few hundred per square meter to tens of thousands per square meter. The difference lies in the color displayed and how high the density is. The previous LED display screens were expensive because of the high cost of raw materials and less intense market competition. Nowadays, the price of conventional LED displays is much lower. If you require a high pixel density, the price is not cheap. We suggest that it can meet the basic needs. The price of monochrome LED display is the lowest. The conventional outdoor specifications are P10, and the indoor specifications are P7.62, P4.75 and P4. For example, more than 90% of the LED displays at the entrance of the hotel, under the eaves of small shops, and at the entrance of the bank are outdoor P10 specifications. Yellow is about 300 yuan more per square meter, the price of indoor P7.62 LED display is about 900 yuan, and the price of P4.75 and P4 is more than 1,000 and 2,000 yuan/square meter. The price, supporting equipment and installation fees are calculated separately.

The lowest price of outdoor full-color LED display is the P10 specification. Since the pixel density is only 10,000 dots/square meter, it is recommended that the entire screen area be larger than 60 square meters to ensure the effect. The price of the LED display is about 1850 yuan/square meter, and the second effect is better The order is P8, P6, P5, P4, P3, etc. Currently, P3 has the highest resolution outdoors, which can reach 111,111 pixels per square meter. According to our conventional configuration, the price of LED display is also 13,600 yuan/square meter. The price of indoor LED display is relatively high. Since indoor LED display needs to be viewed at a close distance, and the installation position of the screen is limited, the area is usually much smaller than outdoor. If the LED display area is less than 3 square meters or used for monitoring, it is recommended to use small spacing The price of LED display screens ranges from 15,000 to 48,000 yuan/square meter. If the area exceeds 8 square meters, the spacing above P2.5 or even higher can be considered. At present, the price of conventional indoor LED display screens is 1950-6800 yuan/square meter. wait. .

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