What kind of LED display is good quality


What kind of LED display is good quality? LED display has now become an inseparable publicity tool for many businesses. What kind of LED display can meet the actual needs of users. As a well-known LED display boutique manufacturer in Shenzhen, United Huiye Technology , can give you the ideal choice. The core components of the LED display are the lamp bead and the driver chip, followed by the circuit board, power supply, control system, server, etc. The lamp bead is mainly the light-emitting device of the LED display, and the brightness, color and consistency mainly depend on the performance of the lamp bead At present, the most expensive lamp bead chip is Nichia of Japan, followed by CREE of the United States. The most commonly used in the market is the domestic Sanan or Taiwan brand. If it is used on occasions with relatively high requirements, it is recommended to use high-end brands, such as TV stations, international event opening ceremonies, international conference backgrounds, etc. If it is for civilian use, it is recommended to use conventional series.

The driver chip is the signal supply of the LED display. It mainly receives the signal from the control system. The driver chip with good performance has a high refresh rate, no flickering and no tailing, and stable quality. The relative refresh rate of the cheap driver chip is not so high. At present, the brands frequently used in the market include Accumulation, Mingwei, Riyuecheng, Chipone North, etc. The circuit board is also a relatively important component. It is mainly the carrier of the LED large-screen module circuit. The performance of the circuit board mainly depends on whether the circuit is The shortest way is that the signal can be sent to the LED lamp beads at the first time. The thickness of the circuit board and whether the copper skin is very wide and thick can stand the test of time. The power supply is also critical. The main function is to convert 220V voltage to DC 5V voltage. All power supply inside the LED display is powered by the power supply. The mainstream brands are Rongdian, Juneng, and Friendship, and the high-end ones are Taiwan Mean Well. The control system is the brain of the LED display. The mainstream brands in the market are Lingxingyu, Nova, Colorlight, etc. The computer is the server of the LED screen. Lenovo or Dell is generally recommended.


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