What shapes can outdoor LED large screens be made into?


Outdoor LED large screens can be designed according to the characteristics of the building. We commonly have arcs (inner arcs and outer arcs), irregular corners on four sides, circles, spheres, corners, triangles, etc., each of which is different. All styles of LED large screen modules require special handling. Let's take the most frequently made large curved LED screen as an explanation. First of all, when making steel structures, it is necessary to design and weld according to the wall angle of the building. The box (unit box) of the LED large screen should also be based on Each LED module needs to be spliced ​​evenly according to a certain angle, so that a large curved LED screen is completed. Irregular-shaped LED large screens with four corners are relatively easier to make, and the middle part is also designed according to the plane, but the four-corner box should be designed and manufactured according to the size of the site. For example, the protruding part or the concave part should be made according to the actual size. Of course, the box size of each large LED screen is also different. The reason is very simple, just like building blocks, you can put them together according to the required shape. The main difficulty lies in the stage of debugging. Set parameters and make a data connection.

Triangular LED large screens are relatively rare. The main reason is that the development cost is high, and many users cannot accept the cost of special customization. Triangular LED large screens are usually flat. The difference is that the size of each LED module needs to be specially customized, and the pixel arrangement There are no rules, and it must be designed separately according to the required size. Because it cannot be mass-produced, the cost is high. The spherical LED large screen is based on the triangular LED large screen. The LED module needs to be made into a curved surface. Several LED modules are completely It is more difficult to form a spherical shape. .

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