What specifications are suitable for hotel LED screens


Hotel LED screens have basically become a standard product in the industry, and hotels without LED screens are not so perfect. Banquet halls, multi-functional meeting rooms, front desks, lobbies, and hotel entrances are all excellent places for LED screen installation. The LED screen in the banquet hall can usually broadcast digital signal TV programs such as news broadcast, economic half-hour, live broadcast of some popular programs such as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, etc., and can also broadcast some sports events or singing competitions. It can be broadcast at the wedding ceremony of the newlyweds. Wedding photos and life photos taken before to achieve a warm atmosphere.

Banquet hall LED screens are currently often customized with specifications of P2.5 or P2. If the area is larger than 50 square meters, you can choose P3 or P4, which is determined by budget or configuration. The LED screen in the multi-function hall is mainly used for conference functions. It can play pictures, videos, subtitles and other information on the computer, and can also cut into PPT files, PDF files, etc. on the computer. Higher-end applications can also be used for remote conferences. LED The screen can remotely play the scene of the other party in real time, real-time video transmission and audio transmission. LED screens in multi-function halls have relatively high pixel requirements, and the pixels of the entire screen are usually greater than the resolution requirements of 1920*1080P, even reaching 3840*2160 pixels. The LED screen specifications of multi-function halls are currently used in P1.5625, P1.667, and P2 more.

Both the LED screen at the front desk and the LED screen at the hotel entrance are advertising media display devices. The main function is to introduce the hotel scene, service scope, hotel management concept, promotional videos for receiving customers, etc. All can use the offline control system, which is to send the video, picture and text content that needs to be played to the LED control system, and play the sent content in a loop. There is also no need for a computer dedicated to servicing LED screens. At present, the most commonly used specifications of LED screens at gates are P6 and P5. Smaller ones can choose P3 and P4. The front LED screens of hotels can choose P2 or P2.5. Usually, the area of ​​the front LED screen is not too large. .

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