Which technical indicators to look for when choosing a suitable LED screen


Now LED screens have become a necessary tool for many businesses to use for advertising, so what aspects should be considered when choosing an LED screen, and what parameters will affect the display effect of the LED screen, such as viewing distance, LED screen size, etc. The installation site environment of each LED screen is different. Some are a few meters above the ground, some are 20mm above the ground, some are viewed at a distance of 2 meters, and some are viewed at a distance of 1000 meters. Some can be drenched in rain. There are indoor stage use, fixed installation, and installation and disassembly at any time. What data do we use to measure and judge the product quality of LED screens? Selecting the LED screen "dot pitch, pixel" is the key data! Next, we will introduce these two data.

The total number of pixels of the led screen For video, the basic format is VCD, MP4, the resolution is 352*288, and the resolution is 768*576 in DVD format. So for the LED screen, we recommend that the minimum resolution is not lower than 352*288, so that the display effect is good enough. If it is lower, it can be displayed, but it cannot achieve better results.

As for the single and dual primary color LED screens that mainly display text and pictures, the resolution requirements are not high. According to the actual size, the minimum font size of 9 can be determined according to the amount of your text. Therefore, generally choose an LED screen, the smaller the dot pitch, the better, the higher the resolution and the clearer the display. However, factors such as cost, demand, and application range must also be considered comprehensively.

The viewing distance of the led screen Where the led screen is placed and how far people stand to see it is usually an important factor in determining the point spacing when choosing an led screen. Generally, there is a formula Optimum Visual Distance = Point Distance / (0.3~0.8), which is an approximate range. For example, the LED screen with a dot pitch of 16mm (P16led screen) has a visual distance of 16-54 meters. If the station distance is closer than the minimum distance, you can distinguish the pixels of the LED screen, and the graininess is relatively large. Strong, if you stand far away, the human eye will not be able to distinguish the details of the features.

(We aim at normal vision, excluding nearsightedness and hyperopia). In fact, this is also an approximate number. For outdoor led screens, P4 or P5 is generally used for short distances, and P6 or P8 for farther ones; for indoor led screens, P2.5~P5 is generally acceptable, and P4, P6 or P5 is used for farther ones.

Therefore, when choosing an LED screen, there is a direct relationship between the viewing distance and the viewing angle. First, give the photos of the LED screen installation site to the manufacturer who made the plan, and then they will give you a realistic LED screen quotation plan. http://www.xspled.com/h-nd-708.html .

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