Why is China's LED display industry so good?


During the ups and downs of the global economy and industrial development and transformation in recent decades, China's full-color LED display industry has embarked on a new path of "self-development, self-driving, and self-leading" by virtue of its courage, strength and endurance. , and finally achieved the dominance of the global LED display industry. 1. China's speed In 30 years, it has completed the road of 50 or even 70 years in the same industry in other countries. This is the speed of China's LED display industry! At the same time, the speed of China's LED display industry is not only reflected in the "rapid development and rise" of the production scale, but also in the learning of a series of new technologies, new models and new concepts "from reference to independent innovation" speed and many other aspects. In the early stage of development, due to limitations such as imperfect industrial chain, inexperienced industrial workers, and imprecise manufacturing process, China's LED display is indeed a "barbaric growth".

However, after years of quality revolution within the industry and consumption upgrades in the terminal market, China's LED display manufacturing and innovation has already taken the lead in the global industry. 2. Industrial clusters "Look at China for the world's LED display manufacturing, and Shenzhen for China's LED display manufacturing". In Shenzhen, China, a complete industrial chain of LED large screens from raw materials, lamp beads, chips, packaging, and supporting design has been formed, as well as various Industrial clusters for subdivided applications. At the same time, under the promotion of policies and market demand in recent years, new industrial bases and clusters have been established in Jiangxi, Fujian and other places, which have promoted the rapid development of the LED display industry. From midstream LED display manufacturing, to upstream core components, to downstream channel retailers, it can be said that China's LED display industry has established a terminal-oriented "user-centered" market-oriented operating system and forced mechanism, forming It has established a vertically integrated industrial layout covering all categories, so as to lead the innovation of LED display technology and products in the world with faster speed and higher efficiency.

3. Cost of scale Compared with foreign companies, Chinese LED screen companies can produce LED display products with the same quality and performance at half the cost. This is not to cut corners and shoddy, but based on a series of advantages such as China's complete industrial chain, efficient operation and management, and low labor costs. Until today, although the cost advantage of Chinese LED display manufacturers has been reduced compared with the past, China still has a great leading advantage compared with the world.

It is driven by the unique "scale cost" advantage of Chinese LED screen companies that the current LED display screen has become more and more popular and has become one of the important display windows. Attachment download (1): LED transparent screen 4.png.

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