Why is Mini LED loved by many manufacturers?


In the recent God comments, Mini LED is comparable to the advent of small-pitch LEDs. From upstream and downstream LED chip manufacturers, to mid- and downstream LED packaging manufacturers, to system software manufacturers such as application-side display screens, and to computer TVs Many manufacturers of terminal equipment, electronic devices and daily necessities will discuss Mini LED, and are even eager to try it. They have invested a lot of capital, human resources and other resources to work hard on Mini LED. At this stage, it can be seen that MINI LED is the top priority of packaging manufacturers Jingtai and Nationstar Optoelectronics this year. Considering its own advantages, Nationstar Optoelectronics actively improves the technical specifications and manufacturing process of Mini LED backlights, and improves the ability to control costs , Helping terminal equipment manufacturers to expand the application of Mini LED backlight technology. For the upcoming Mini LED display application, Jingtai will greatly increase capital expenditure to more than NT$6 billion in 2020, of which more than NT$5 billion has been invested in the production capacity of Mini LED, and 80% of it is It is used to purchase equipment and equipment, and it is estimated that one-click installation will be completed by the end of this year or the first quarter of 2020.

In addition, Li Dongsheng of TCL Technology is also blunt: "Mini LED is our top priority in 2020." Terminal equipment such as TVs, monitors, VR and car screen displays. What is it about this series of practical operations that pushed Mini LED above the outlet of the optical display manufacturing industry? Policy: The overall national plan for 4K TV sales this year will account for 40% of the high-contrast requirements, and in 2023 the whole The location is popularized, and the sales volume of 8K TVs will exceed 5% in 2023.

In contrast, one of the key shortcomings of DLP, laser projection, OLED, LCD and other technologies is that the contrast is low. In contrast, only Mini LED can meet high contrast ratio. Large-size market demand: The key feature of Mini LED compared with small-pitch LED is that the specification can be guaranteed to be larger and the pitch can be guaranteed to be smaller. The continuous growth of large-size displays in my country is creating unprecedented opportunities for Mini LED displays.

The main application areas of Mini LED are conference halls, command systems and other venues with high-end display requirements. Its size can reach 150 inches or even larger, making up for the lack of specifications of LCD and other display products. Ultra-high-definition development trend: In addition, with the announcement of 5G commercial landing and ultra-high-definition policies this year, Mini LED products have been applied in scenarios including security monitoring systems, high-end commercial displays, conference halls, and broadcast performances, making it easier to complete commercialization. Mini LED has become the focus for LED companies to seize the opportunity of ultra-high-definition display development trends. In general, policy guidance, large-size requirements, and the development trend of 5G and ultra-high-definition make Mini LED popular at this stage. In the future, with the continuous improvement of 5G and the Internet of Things, various fields will demand LED display The screen requirements will also become higher and higher. In the next 2-3 years, Mini LED will become a popular application space in the LED display market.


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