Xinxiang Administrative Service Center LED electronic display project bidding


Entrusted by the Xinxiang Administrative Service Center, the Xinxiang Public Resources Transaction Management Center conducts public bidding for the LED electronic display project of the Xinxiang Administrative Service Center. Suppliers who meet the corresponding qualifications are welcome to participate. 1. Project name: LED electronic display screen of Xinxiang City Administrative Service Center 2. Project number: Xinjiaocai 2017ZB004 3. Qualified suppliers should have the conditions: 1. Have the ability to independently bear civil liability; 2. Have good LED electronic Display commercial reputation and a sound financial accounting system; 3. Have the LED electronic display equipment and professional technical capabilities necessary to perform the contract; 4. Have a good record of paying taxes and social security funds according to law; 5. Before participating in government procurement activities Within three years, there is no record of major violations of law in business activities. 4. Project content and requirements: 20 sets of LED electronic displays, 20 sets of splicing screen brackets, 20 sets of LED electronic display cables, 1 set of splicing screen bases, 1 splicing controller, 2 computer signal collectors, etc.

(See the bidding documents for details) 5. Project budget amount: 1128500.00 yuan. 6. Online registration is implemented for this project: 1. Time for online registration, purchase and download of bidding documents: from February 10, 2017 to February 16, 2017, 8:30-12:00, 14:30-17:30 (break except days and holidays). 2. Ways to obtain bidding documents: Suppliers should log in to our website within the above-mentioned time, and download the bidding documents after paying the bidding cost according to the online prompts.

3. Requirements for downloading bidding documents: Anyone who registers as a bidding supplier member of Xinxiang City Public Resources Trading Management Center (registration is free) can participate in the online registration of this LED electronic display project. For specific steps, please refer to the "Instructions for Bidding Suppliers Storage" and "Instructions for Online Registration of Centralized Government Procurement Projects" in the important notice column on the homepage of the Xinxiang City Public Resources Transaction Management Center website. 4. If the LED electronic display project has multiple bids, when bidding for multiple bids, it is necessary to register and download the bidding documents once for each bid.

Note: Obtaining the bidding documents for LED electronic display screens according to the above requirements is not considered to have passed the qualification examination. The qualification examination work will be independently responsible for the bid evaluation committee after the bid opening. Bids that fail the qualification examination will be regarded as invalid bids. 7. Description: 1. The LED electronic display project adopts the online registration method to register and purchase and download the bidding documents, and the project registration is no longer accepted on site (except for individual industrial and commercial households). 2. Suppliers need to apply for a CA digital certificate before registering online for the first time (the specific operations for applying for a CA digital certificate, and then register online to become a member of the supplier database (for specific operations of supplier registration, please refer to "Bidding Supplier Entry" in the important notice column) Library Notice").

3. Suppliers must use IE browser to register online. When the supplier registers online, please click "I want to register" under the announcement to register, select the CA certificate login method to enter the electronic bidding platform, and perform operations such as online registration, bidding document purchase, and download. For specific operations, please enter the electronic bidding platform, and refer to the "Operation Manual for Online Registration of Government Centralized Procurement Suppliers" in the Help Center.

4. Please follow the prompts to pay the cost of bidding documents through the Agricultural Bank of China Internet Banking (corporate Internet Banking or personal Internet Banking is acceptable), and pay on the electronic bidding platform of our center. 5. If the supplier of bidding LED electronic display screen encounters technical problems during the bidding process, please consult the Xinxiang City Public Resource Transaction Management Center at 0373-3079562. 8. Price of bidding documents: 300 yuan/copy (non-refundable after sale) 9. Deadline for submission of bidding documents and opening time: 09:00, March 3, 2017. Bidding documents delivered after this time will not be accepted.

10. Bid document submission and bid opening location: Xinxiang City Public Resources Transaction Management Center (4th Floor, Xinxiang Civic Center, Northeast corner of the intersection of Renmin East Road and Xiner Street), No. 6 Bid Opening Room. 11. This announcement is published online on the China Government Procurement Network, the Henan Provincial Government Procurement Network, and the Xinxiang City Public Resources Transaction Management Center. If there is any change, it will be published on the above website, and potential LED electronic display bidding suppliers should pay attention to it.

Government Centralized Procurement Agency: Xinxiang City Public Resources Transaction Management Center Project Leader: Ding Jianxin Tel: 3035300 .

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