Basic Knowledge of the Use of Custom Shaped LED Screen


Now that you have made the smart decision of buying your custom shaped LED screen it is not important to take care of it properly. If you want to enhance the lifespan of your LED screen, then you must follow some proper maintenance tips. Your custom-shaped screen is sensitive and it can get damaged easily. If you don’t want to waste your money and time on repairs, then it is best to take care of it properly.

Enbon sells some of the highest quality screens that are easier to maintain. However, all types of customized LED screens require a certain level of care and maintenance. They can prematurely burn out if the screens are not maintained properly. They need cleaning and protection from overheating.

Basic Knowledge of Using Your Custom Shaped LED Screens

We will provide you with the basic knowledge to use your custom-shaped LED screen for a long time to come.

custom shaped LED screen

1. Cleaning the display

Cleaning the LED display from time to time is important. The front of your LED screen must be cleaned properly as this will add life to your screen. Cleaning your device will also help you to display the video more clearly. The front of your screen must be dusted with compressed air. You should you’re your duster at a reasonable distance as this will keep you safe from inhaling any dust. Make sure to avoid putting high pressure on any point of the wall, as this could lead to damage. You should use wide sweeping motions, and make sure to not stop at a single spot.

2. Service and repair

Accidents can happen sometimes and you must not lose the investment that you have made. Regular servicing and repairs will help you to use your custom shaped LED screen for a long time. It is also important to get regular servicing as this will keep your device updated. Getting your screens repaired on time is also important as this will help in protecting your screens from further damage.

It doesn’t matter whether your LED screen displays are inside or outside, you don’t have to stress anymore. With proper care and servicing, you can maintain your LED screens easily. it is best to get in touch with an expert professional who can help you with repairs.

3. Protection from the changing weather

Changing weather conditions can be a serious threat to your LED screens especially if you have an outdoor LED screen. The custom-shaped LED screens are designed uniquely as they have a unique shape. This is why it can get difficult to protect it from the changing weather. Snow and rainy seasons can also affect the condition of your screen. This is why it is important to protect it from dangerous weather changes. If you want to maintain your LED screen outdoors, then you should have a closed-air loop circulation system installed inside your LED. This will protect your screen from moisture and contaminant infiltration. It is also a great choice to buy an custom shaped LED screen that is water resistant. The screens with a high IP rating will also help you to protect against moisture and solid objects.

4. Internal and external protection 

It is essential to maintain your LED screen from inside and outside. The damage is not always external as many internal parts of your screens can also create problems with your screens. It is best to keep a regular check on your software and your hardware. Protecting your screens from outer damage will help you to protect your screens for ages. You should also monitor your LED screens internally from time to time as there could be issues with the software as well. If your screen is not working properly for some time, then there could be a possibility of loose wire goof-ups to your system as well. Make sure to keep the wires tight and working.

5. Using it properly

The way you use your outdoor display screen will play a major role in maintaining it. If you want to enhance the life of your custom shaped LED screen, then you should always use it with care. You must follow some regular and easy tips every day to maintain your LED screens.

custom shaped LED screen

6. Keep a track of the power supply 

It is important to keep a track of the power system of your outdoor LED screen gradually. Too much power at once can overload the power distribution system and this could lead to problems. You must avoid excessive electricity to the LED lamp beads as this could lead to destruction as well. Do not play your custom shaped LED screens in full white, red, green, blue, and other full-bright screens for a long period as this can cause the current to flow in ample. This will result in the power cord being heated up. You could also end up getting your LED screen damaged. It could also affect the service life of the display.

7. Keep a regular check

You must keep a regular check, on your custom-shaped LED screens. If you own an outdoor LED Display then you should keep it in a dry, free any moisture place. Your screen should stay away from any inducing element, iron powder, and other conductive metal objects. It can also be harmful to expose your screens to humidity as this can cause corrosion to the parts. This could lead to permanent damage to your screens and you should take proper steps to prevent it. It is also important to keep a regular check on your device. This will help you to detect any issues with your screens early.


These are a few tips on how you can maintain your custom shaped LED screen for a long time to come. You must follow these crucial tips carefully as this will allow you to keep your advertising tool in good condition for many years to come. You must buy your custom-shaped screen from a reliable company like Enbon as this will allow you to buy a premium-quality screen as well.

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