Can LED Screen Be Customized in Shape?


The LED screen display is a digital display and signage that can be customized in various shapes and sizes. They are available in both small and big sizes and can cater to the needs of many businesses. If you want to make your video content more attractive and grab the attention of customers, it offers the best solution. The custom-shaped LED screen is an effective way to stand out among the crowd. It is a unique way to share information with the audience. You can have a distinct and remarkable video display with this lightweight and durable product.

What Sizes & Shapes Are Available?

One of the biggest advantages of custom-shaped LED screens is that they are flexible and versatile. They can be customized in various shapes and sizes to fit your needs. It is one of the top reasons why this product is so popular among everyone. Nowadays the LEDs can be scaled into any size and go up to hundreds of square meters. Moreover LED video walls and billboards make use of pixel resolutions to give a high-quality image. These resolutions will easily fit in the size of the screen as well.

Many top businesses are using this screen to promote their products. They don’t have to worry about the quality of the image and visual display. It doesn’t matter what the size of your LED is as you can easily achieve HD content. When it comes to shapes and sizes, you don’t need to worry as these screens can be customized in regular and irregular shapes.

custom-shaped LED screen

There are plenty of custom screens available at Enbon. Customers have the option to choose from round, triangle, cube, and pentagon. However, it can take a little longer to create a shape of your choice but it is not difficult.

Is It Easy to Curve LED Screen Panel?

Yes, it is easy to curve an LED screen panel and there is no doubt this shape is quite popular among people. They are used all over the cities in various establishments. These LED screen panels are revolutionized with time. They are becoming much more versatile and flexible. These curved LED panels will help you create curved bends on each side of the display design.

If this isn’t enough you can attach them with modules to get the best viewing experience. It has now become easy to make a transition from a flat-screen into something unique. Curved LED screen display gives you both audio and video display. Your audiences can take an advantage of this screen and read the valuable information. There is no doubt it can give an immersive experience to them for a very long time.

Is It Expensive?

You must understand that a customized LED display will be a little more expensive than other options. They are made up of premium quality and environment-friendly materials. Special or customized screens are designed to cater to the needs of your targeted customers. When they get a good experience they will come back for repeat purchases. Every buyer looks for an elegant display and your business can make the most from it.

Many LED manufacturers offer top-quality custom LED screens in many variations and themes. However, the overall cost of purchase will depend on your needs and requirements too.

Why You Should Go for Custom LED Display Design?

Custom LED displays to come in various shapes and sizes. The unique design will grab maximum attention from all the buyers. It will meet the requirements of your business and profits will increase too. Here is why you should go for a custom LED display:

1. Size & shapes

Custom LED screens offer different shapes and sizes. No matter how small or big you want the screen to be, it will turn out to be beneficial for use. You can get it customized into your desired shape and entice all the customers like never before. Just think of a unique shape and have it instantly.

2. Custom design

You can design plenty of custom designs with LEDs. Whether it is a butterfly, trapezium, animal, or tree, you can have it all. It is easy to have a simple yet fantastic design to attract all the viewers. Businesses can display their logo on the screen and make themselves more visible.

3. Beautiful designs

Custom LED screens are easily transformed from ordinary to extraordinary ones. They are manufactured keeping in mind your specifications. You can unleash your creativity and have the best of everything.

Unlimited Customized Designs in Different Shapes

If you want to make your business more attractive it is best to customize the LED in different shapes and designs. Here are some good options available:

custom-shaped LED screen

1. Round LED display

Round LED display is one of the most creative types of custom LED display. It is not only eye catchy but suitable for nearly all commercial purposes. They are easy to install and come in various shapes.

2. Sphere LED display

Sphere LED Display is popularly known as a full-colored LED ball. It offers a creative way to display your content. The best thing is that it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

3.360 LED screen

The 360 LED screen is a customized curved LED display. It is combined to give a 360 circular view and entice all your targeted customers. This screen is commonly used in shopping malls and is perfect for advertisements.

4. Cylinder LED display

A Cylinder LED Display happens to be the best marketing tool for products. It can add a lot of value to the entire building and grab instant attention from buyers.

5. LED dynamic display cube

LED Dynamic Display Cube will help you convert your space into something unique and thrilling. This screen comes packed with attractive lighting. You can promote your company and reflect your visual culture interestingly.


Custom LED screens are a form of electronic media. It helps the viewers get in touch with images and video-based content. The high-quality images and graphics entice them and promote the businesses to a new level. You will be surprised to know that this form of display offers versatility and flexibility all at once!

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