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   With the passage of time, the number of traditional LED displays has been increasing, approaching saturation, and the market growth is weak. Another reason is that it cannot meet the needs of some segmentation scenarios. For example, some buildings are not flat or curved. If it is a traditional hard screen, the traditional LED screen is a hard PCB and a bottom cover mask, without any elasticity and flexibility.

   On the curved wall, either the LED screen cannot be arranged, or it needs to be chamfered, which not only increases the cost, but also the process is not perfect. In the past, the familiar LED display screen was hard. It seems that the electronic display screen and the word 'soft' cannot be combined, but the appearance of LED flexible screen has broken this understanding. In order to solve this practical demand, some LED display manufacturers began to appear and popularize flexible, foldable and flexible screens. So what scenarios are flexible LED displays commonly used in?

Flexible screen on-site display

1、 Cylindrical screen

In some hotels, conference rooms, bars and other halls, there are many cylindrical columns. The designer will design these columns into display screens and play some special videos to improve the decoration or create a special atmosphere.

2、 Irregular shaped LED screens, such as wavy ribbons.

The display principle of the flexible screen is different from that of the traditional LED. The flexible PCB board and the bottom shell are used and can be folded to 120 degrees. The flexible screen display with bright colors and strong three-dimensional sense is widely used in public places such as finance, industry and commerce, sports, transportation, education system, stations, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, banks, securities markets, construction markets and industrial enterprise management.

3、 Arc screen

If the inner arc is smaller, the traditional LED hard screen can be used, as long as the steel structure of the display screen is arc, and then the traditional hard mold can be installed. The hard LED screen can not be constructed under the condition of large arc or external arc, so the flexible LED screen can be easily used at this time. The appearance of the flexible screen must be fully recognized by the customer. Especially with the promotion and prosperity of China's cultural construction and the popularity of cultural performance activities, the application demand of LED flexible screen will be greatly increased and will be widely used!

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