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LED displays are generally believed to be a far superior lighting technology when compared to its predecessor, LCD displays. While this is the case, it is obvious that the price of LEDs are comparatively more expensive given the additional features and quality it is able to consistently provide to users.


There are many factors to consider when choosing an LED display that is most appropriate for a situation. Besides obvious specifications such as size which purely depends on the use of LED displays, there are many other qualities that consumers have to consider if they want to get the most bang out of their buck when it comes to investing in LED displays.


However, at the end of the day, the most important thing to have is a workable budget that is slightly flexible. Due to the fluctuating prices of LED displays and technology in general depending on the trends of the world of business — especially in an unpredictable time such as the COVID-19 pandemic — it is best to have financial freedom to choose the best quality of LED displays that can satisfy your needs in the most fulfilling way possible.


The many factors that one also has to consider when it comes to choosing the most suitable LED display include characteristics such as the brand, pixel quality, durability, and overall viewing experience.


First of all, the brand of LED displays should play an important part in a consumer’s display-purchasing decisions. Popular brands tend to be more reliable when it comes to the components they use in order to build their LED displays. And by choosing from the most trusted brands, most likely you would get the most value out of the investment you will make.


Next, another quality of LED displays that would help in justifying their prices would be pixel quality. From the color temperature to the depth of the images being projected in the LED displays, having the right LED panel will make sure that the pixel quality will never drop especially as time passes by.

This also interconnects with the trusted LED brands. Besides being able to provide quality diode components that LED displays are made out of, purchasing from select brands that have been well received and at the same time are popular among many consumers will most likely communicate that their LED display products have a remarkable pixel quality that does not easily depreciate over time.


Expectedly, LED displays that have a higher price will also be more durable. When choosing an LED panel to spend your hard-earned money on, it is also crucial to test the toughness of the panel when exposed to outside elements.


Since some would use these LED displays for outdoor use such as commercial establishments add other related business, it is best to assess the durability of the LED display itself beforehand as well and if it is able to withstand the elements.


Lastly, the overall viewing experience is a point of focus when deciding if an LED display is worth the price tag that it is labeled with. Simulating everyday conditions is a crucial part of assessing the price of an LED panel as well and if the budget that you will place your money on the technology is well worth the price in the long run.


led display price

With all of that set aside, if you are in the market for an LED display, while there are many options available from different brands with their corresponding qualities differing as well, you might be wondering just how much does an LED display cost on average.


Fortunately, with the constant advancements in technology, one does not have to wait that long in order to get the best quality LED that is able to perfectly fit their budget the most. With LED products updating at an almost regular basis, there is no need to panic over the latest LED display currently out in the market.


Of course, as the use of the LED display becomes more important, the price goes up as well. While everyday LED panels that are small and room-sized such as televisions and other technologies can fetch a price of around $500 depending on the quality and the brand, the price quickly goes up to the four digit mark once bigger LED displays are preferred.

There are other kinds of LED displays available in the market that extend beyond personal use. Some of these types include commercial LED displays, sport LED, and creative LED, and Message-displayed LEDs. First, commercial LEDs are primarily used for awareness-generation such as advertisements. Sport LED displays are usually placed along public areas or sporting events — these panels excel in fast-paced image and color changes that can keep up with the action of sports.


Creative LED panels are — as the name implies — utilized for more vibrant color functions and other uses that stretches the capacity of the standard LED display. Finally, Message LEDs are used to communicate statements over a long period of time, which means that durability is a prominent factor for displays used for this purpose.


Prices also vary depending if the LED display is utilized for indoor or outdoor use as well. Some retailers quote LED screens that will primarily be used for outdoor locations at around $5,000 — with the price going up depending on the resolution and pixel quality. Prices can go up to at least $28,000 if the LED resolution reaches 2K resolution quality.


On the other hand, indoor LED panels can fetch a smaller price since it discounts the expenses incurred by raising the durability of the panels. Some have quoted the price to start at around $9,000.


Besides the cost of the actual LED display itself, a budget must also be set aside for the installation of the panels themselves. Some of the necessary costs to be taken note of include the salary of the installation of workers and the necessary steel foundation that the panels will be propped up on. A general estimate of the installation budget would be around $200 a day when hiring two people for the labor-intensive job.



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