LED Screen Rental Vs LED Fixed Screen: Which One is Better?

LED screens surround us in modern life in different shapes or forms, such as they can be used for marketing purposes on billboards or seen in the form of television. They are the need of the hour with the booming demand for virtual advertising that aims to attract an audience with its catchy and compelling content.

 So which one is best for you,  LED screen rental or LED fixed screen? The answer is simple, for those who prefer long-term displays, the obvious choice is a fixed screen. In comparison, enterprises looking for short-term displays on a lower budget should opt for a screen rental.

Fixed LED screens are hard to acquire, so here are 5 advantages that screen rentals have over fixed screens;


Suppose you require a LED screen only for an event. In that case, you are likely to be hesitant about spending a considerable amount of money on the screen's installation, dismantling, and transportation. Thus, renting a LED screen for such a short time is a cost-effective choice and decision to make.

Encourage Innovation

The flexibility of LED walls is their most significant advantage. Rental LED screens allow you to innovate and customize the screen according to your design and style requirements to cater to your marketing strategy. This opportunity can facilitate your limitless creativity, amplifying its impact on an event. 

Ease of use

Rental LED screens are portable, thin, and made of aluminum, making them easier to carry and transport. While fixed LED screens tend to be heavier as they are made from SPCC, their installation will take up more time and is costly as it will require more labor than a rental LED screen. Additionally, any damage on a conventional LED screen needs the whole screen to be repaired, whereas a rental screen’s maintenance only includes replacing the damaged panel.  

Something New

We are all aware of traditional ways of presenting or marketing our ideas, but LED screens are like a breath of fresh air in such cases. They provide an excellent screening experience and keep the audience hooked, ultimately leaving a great impression on them. 


Planning an outdoor event often comes with the uncertainty of weather. But this is not the case with a rental LED screen because it can withstand harsh weather conditions due to its sturdy and durable nature. Therefore, regardless of the weather conditions, a high-quality rental screen's audio and video quality remain unaffected.

To conclude

LED screen rentals ensure high-quality audio and video enhance outdoor or indoor events, which serves as a great viewing experience for the audience. Its portability, easy installation, and affordable price make it a worthwhile expense. If you need to use an LED screen for a limited time, a rented LED screen is your best option.

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