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      Reform And Innovation Of Outdoor Led Display

         ●  With the development of technology, the outdoor LED large screen has already completed the regional and even national network broadcast, and can be closely integrated with Sina Weibo, LBS natural geographic precise positioning, facial recognition and other social networks and mobile intelligent terminal applications to carry out interaction communicate with. The outdoor LED large-screen cultural media has developed toward digitalization, intelligence, and information content platform, and will also give LED display companies greater market profitability and reform and innovation of indoor space.

         ● With the advent of the humanized consumption period, the outdoor LED display design has also shown a diversified and humanized development trend, which can not only bring you visual beauty and artistic beauty, but also will become a big city "individual "Business card", which promotes the basic construction of urban scenery, can help advertisers to easily complete the goal of continuous outdoor development in terms of visual effects. For example, the long nine-point LED display in Spokane, New Jersey. This fairy-tale video solution combines a very design scheme and the structure of the new building. In addition, it also considers the status of the external windows. Nine LED video display screens were installed on the top, and LED digital media technology appearance was established on the outside of the house building in a striking manner.

         ● From the overall outdoor LED display manufacturing industry sales market, it seems that the LED display must be further improved. Especially with the continuous development of LED display screens and the improvement of technology, the simple display of information has long been unable to consider the increasingly diverse requirements of customers, for example, how to complete the content of advertising words can be displayed simultaneously in the middle of multiple screens Information, resource sharing, etc., LED screen companies must continue to develop technology to meet customer needs for outdoor LED display information products multi-directional requirements.

         ● This year will be a year in which outdoor LED displays continue to develop at a rapid pace. The outdoor LED display market, which occupies almost half of the LED display industry chain, will continue to enter the fierce competition of various manufacturers, apart from quality. Regulations, display of total area, personalized customization and environmental protection must be continuously improved. The requirements for after-sales services oriented to standardized service items may also be increasing. This will open up market competition differences and gain market share. The primary condition for rate. Whoever can take the lead is able to gain a foothold in the future market demand and promote a new round of market demand.

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