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      Nowadays, for those large-scale stage performances, there are endless stream of them. Of course, the stage LED car display is often used. The stage LED car LED display is often used in TV shows or event performances, such as some live broadcasts and performances. The creation of advertisements and scene backgrounds can fully perform the performance through the LED display on the stage. The realistic picture is perfectly combined with the music and lighting, giving a very modern and shocking picture.

      It is believed that in order to meet the different dance beauty design requirements, the stage dance beauty LED display and the traditional fixed installation LED display are very different in structure and system composition, we can consider from the following points.

         ●  Multiple LED rental boxes are spliced into a large-screen display area. 

         ●  At present, Enbon rental display include 500×500mm and 1000×500mm

         ●  In order to facilitate installation and disassembly

         ●  The LED cabinet needs to be light, thin and compact

         ●  As the display screen of the LED display on the stage

         ●  Becomes clearer and the dot pitch pixels become smaller and smaller

         ●  In order to better ensure the quality of the LED display

         ●  The stitching accuracy, lease 

         ●  The box needs to be strong and durable

         ●  At present, the die-casting aluminum box is the most common on the market.

         ●  In order to improve the splicing precision and disassembly efficiency of rental led

         ●  The cabinet should be equipped with a locking device

         ●  If it can be better, a special agency between cabinet can be added

         ●  In order to ensure that there may be bumps and bumps

         ●  On the lamp bead in the process of frequent disassembly and assembly

         ●  Enbon usually install a layer of protective parts

         ●  Called masks in front of the LED lighting unit

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