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          ★  We have the energy-saving screen you want

      "Energy saving and environmental protection" is a link that the country attaches great importance to in recent years. As the fourth media, Enbon Led display has a large area and a long broadcast time, and its power consumption can be imagined. Green manufacturing has become an in-depth question for Led display production enterprises. How to realize green manufacturing is not only a demand of enterprises, but also a trend of future development.

      Enbon display adopts the latest international design concept, taking into account various factors such as cost, from the display electronic technology, computer technology, electrical technology, optical technology, green environmental protection to reduce light pollution and low power consumption and other international advanced engineering technology system. The engineering integrated application is designed for low power consumption of Led display screens, providing customers with a complete set of large-screen energy-saving solutions. Compared with conventional display screens, energy-saving display screens not only reduce air conditioners, cables, power adapters, power distribution cabinets, etc. With investment, it can also save energy by 70%, with obvious benefits. Compared with the past, the red light brightness of the energy-saving screen is increased by 125%, which means the same power consumption, the brightness of the display is stronger, coupled with the design of the synchronous rectifier circuit, the driver IC reduces the power supply voltage in a constant current state to achieve more good energy saving effect.

      Of course, energy saving is not only dependent on the technical improvement of a certain hardware and software of the display screen, but also the result of technical innovation and teamwork on the overall scheme.

      "Continuous improvement from the perspective of user needs and surpass user needs" is the core corporate philosophy of Enbon display. For the Enbon display people, energy saving is no longer a technology, but a sacred promise to customers for society, is the company's strategic mission to maximize value.

      Nowadays, "energy saving" has gradually become the core guiding ideology of Sancai Display in product development, manufacturing, application and service. It is the starting point of all team work, an important indicator of quality positioning and service value evaluation, and creating value for customers. The essential.

          ★  Energy-Saving Products = Low-Power Led Display

  •          ● Respond to the national call to save energy

  •          ● Reduce energy consumption

  •          ● Saving electricity cost and operating cost

  •          ● Reducing the comprehensive use cost

  •          ● Reduce the temperature of the display module

  •          ● Reduce the investment of heat dissipation equipment

  •          ● Reduce the power consumption of the display

  •          ● Reduce the investment in power distribution cables

  •          ● Power adapters, power distribution cabinets, etc

  •          ● Delay the LED attenuation speed

  •          ● Reduce the temperature drift of the photoelectric parameters

  •          ● Stabilize the image effect, improve the system reliability

  •          ● Extend the life of the display screen

  •       Energy saving is to reduce power consumption, that is, to reduce power consumption and improve energy efficiency ratio; power consumption calculation: power consumption = voltage * current, that is, P = U * I.

          ★  Achieve The Purpose Of Energy Saving

          ★  It Is Mainly To Reduce The Voltage Or Current

      For this reason, Sancai mainly achieves energy saving from the following aspects

  •          ● Unique power supply PCB circuit design

  •          ● Reduce the power consumption of rich voltage

  •          ● Adopt high-efficiency LED, reduce LED Vf value

  •          ● Current consumption and improve luminous efficiency;

  •          ● Adopt high-efficiency constant current drive IC

  •          ● Reduce drive circuit loss

  •          ● The new system integration design

  •          ● Combined with automatic brightness control and other methods

  •          ● Comprehensively improve product energy efficiency ratio

      Using 3.8V power supply design to optimize PCB circuits, high-efficiency LED lights, low-voltage energy-saving driver IC (3.8V power supply), reducing the consumption of rich voltage heat.

          ★  Feature Of Product

  •          ● Ultra-low power design with 70% power saving

  •          ● Minimum constant current voltage 0.15V

  •          ● 4 programmable programmable constant current voltage adjustable

  •          ● Set power consumption as needed

  •          ● Built-in FM-PWM

  •          ● High refresh, high gray scale, high brightness

  •          ● 16 gray levels, 281 trillion colors

  •          ● 30n fast response, 65536 levels of excellent gray performance

  •          ● Really no hidden light, more real colors

  •          ● Built-in blanking, simpler application

  •          ● Adjust the brightness and change the gray scale

  •          ● Maintain the color temperature

  •          ● The 32-step microstepper shows the global current gain

  •          ● Excellent electromagnetic compatibility characteristics

  •          ● Low EMI and high performance

      It adopts LED chips with high luminous efficiency and large luminous intensity value, and highly efficient LEDs produced by fully automated packaging.

          ★  The Quality Design Of The Common Cathode Lamp

         ● From the table above, Enbon LED lights

         ● Have lower VF values, higher brightness

         ● Enbon lamp higher energy efficiency ratios

         ● Basic driver IC, VDS value reaches 0.7V

         ● Conversion efficiency is low, only 70%

         ● LED brightness efficiency is only 70%

         ● Enbon energy-saving products use PWM technology

         ● Low loss, high refresh rate, high gray scale

         ● High brightness driver chip

         ● The driving efficiency is more than 90%

         ● LED utilization rate = T(LEDLight On)/(LED Total Time)

         ● The higher the LED utilization rate

         ● The lower the required current

         ● The lower the PeakEMI, which reduces EMI

          ★  3.8V Power Supply, Brightness Unchanged

      The brightness of the LED display depends on the current. Regardless of whether the 3.8V or 5V power supply is used for constant current drive products, the current output is constant after the drive product reaches the operating voltage, and the brightness of the product is basically the same. The reliability of the 3.8V power supply is confirmed from the display performance.

          ★  3.8V Power Supply, Load More

      Furthermore, it is current, not voltage, that determines the number of loads. When the power supply voltage can ensure the normal operation of the screen, the constant current drive product is a current-controlled product, so the load of the product depends only on the current of the power supply. The power supply is 3.8V, and the load is more. The practicality of 3.8V power supply is proved in actual use.

          ★  3.8V Power Supply, Stabl Operation

      Because the normal operating voltage of the LED display only requires 3.8V, the excess 1.2V voltage will be consumed by the column driver IC, which increases its operating temperature by 15-35% and reduces the service life. At the same time, the heat is transmitted to the lamp through the PCB board, so that the temperature of the lamp body of the screen will also increase, thereby speeding up the lamp failure time of the display screen during use. We have demonstrated the improvement of the reliability and stability of LED display screens by using 4.5V power supply through the practical test of cold and hot shock and high and low temperature cycle test.

      The comprehensive use of three-color energy-saving scheme products compared to ordinary products can save 876 kWh of electricity per square meter per year. Based on the 1.5 yuan/kWh electricity fee, it can save 1314 yuan per square meter per year, as shown in the following table (using P10-1 square meters for comparison data):

          ★  Comparison between Energy-Saving And Ordinary Products

         ● Conventional P10 outdoor LED display: (average power: 0.3kw/m²)

         ● P10 conventional display use 5 years

         ● Cost = 0.3 (kW/square meter) × 100 (square meter) × 12 (hour/day)

         ● ×1.5 (electricity fee: yuan) ×365 (day/year) ×5 (year)=985500 RMB

         ● Energy-saving P10 outdoor LED display: (average power: 0.1kw/m²)

         ● P10 conventional display use 5 years 

         ● Cost = 0.1 (kW/square meter) × 100 (square meter) × 12 (hour/day)

         ● ×1.5 (electricity fee: yuan) ×365 (day/year) ×5 (year)=328500 RMB

         ● Result: 100m² LED display screen saves 5 years of continuous

         ● Use: 985500 yuan-328500 yuan = 657000 yuan

          ★  Excellent Performance

  •          ● No stitching, super wide viewing angle

  •          ● Uniform brightness and color, no color cast

  •          ● Broadcast-level color gamut

  •          ● Color temperature is intelligently adjustable

  •          ● Moderate brightness

  •          ● No fatigue after long time viewing

  •          ● Super high refresh display

  •          ● Fast frame changing speed

  •          ● Eliminating ghosting without tailing

  •          ● The display unit is flexible, flat and smooth

  •          ● Low brightness and high ash non-destructive technology

  •          ● Solve industry problems, proud of peers

  •          ● Precision control technology to ensure the screen is flat and seamless

  •          ● Anti-ultraviolet and anti-deformation module

  •          ● Kit to ensure that the screen is flat and not deformed

  •          ● In treatment of unique mask design

  •          ● Showing industry-leading ultra-high contrast

  •          ● Multiple waterproof design of the cabinet

  •          ● Single-box full inspection and delivery

  •          ● Mature IP65 signal transmission structure

  •          ● Equipped with upgraded version of power management technology

  •          ● Safer and more reliable

          ★  Fanless, Silent Design

  •          ● New structural design concept

  •          ● Effective control of temperature rise, stable operation

  •          ● DC low voltage power supply

  •          ● Natural heat dissipation, no fan, zero working noise

  •          ● High heat dissipation panel processing technology

  •          ● Fast heat dissipation and long life

          ★  Exquisite Structure

         ● It is easy to install, and it only needs 20 seconds to quickly lock

         ● CNC high-precision processing

         ● High-precision seamless splicing

         ● All-aluminum material, lighter than the traditional box

         ● Lower steel structure and labor cost

         ● Less maintenance space and weight

         ● But full of toughness

         ● With higher compression resistance and flatness

          ★  Super Safe

         ● Strong and weak ionization

         ● No strong electricity in the display unit

         ● Encryption and anti-hacking technology

         ● Avoid malicious signal cutting and input to ensure safety

          ★  Strict Inspection

      Strict LED raw material inspection, standardized manufacturing process, and large-scale production ensure the consistency of the shipment of the screen. During the manufacturing process of the LED display, it has gone through 18 monitoring links, 29 operating procedures, and 33 recording links. The whole process is strictly in accordance with the process, which ensures that we provide you with the best technology, quality and delivery. Period control also ensures that the final product presents a more stable effect.

          ★  Product Application

      Enbon Display has been leading the development of the LED industry in the process of continuous innovation. With its unique technical advantages and strong production capacity, the products are favored by the market and widely used. Countless classic cases have been established in the fields of outdoor advertising media, government and enterprise engineering, cultural tourism, sports competitions, image promotion, commercial real estate and other fields.

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