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      With the development of market economy, the application range of LED display has expanded. As a new information dissemination tool, LED display has been widely used in all walks of life. As the external visual media of the computer, the LED large-screen display has powerful real-time dynamic data display and graphic display functions. The long life, low power consumption, high brightness and other characteristics of LED light-emitting diodes are destined to become the preferred varieties of information display applications for very large screens. However, some people are still not very familiar with the difference between outdoor LED displays and indoor LED displays, so the differences between the two are explained below.

      Outdoor LED displays are very different from indoor LED displays. The outdoor screen has functions such as protection against rain, direct sunlight, dust, high temperature, wind, and lightning. This type of display is called a pure outdoor display.

      There is also a type of display between the indoor LED display and the pure outdoor LED display. It is installed in eaves, open halls, outdoor rain sheds or under the sun roof. High-brightness LED, while the display itself is not protected against (rain) water, wind and lightning, this type of display is called a semi-outdoor display.

      The most important difference is the difference in brightness. The luminous brightness of the indoor screen is several to several tens of times lower than that of the pure outdoor screen; putting the indoor display screen outdoors is just like putting the TV outdoors. The brightness is not enough.              Therefore, outdoor screens must use ultra-high brightness LEDs, and in order to further improve the brightness and increase the viewing distance, it is often necessary to encapsulate multiple ultra-high brightness LEDs in a pixel.

      However, with the development of indoor LED displays, high-quality LED displays are also used in outdoor environments with low ambient brightness on the basis of waterproof, windproof, and lightning protection.

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