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      LED display is installed outdoors, the impact of ambient temperature on the outdoor LED display, whether it is struck by lightning, direct sunlight on the outdoor LED display! What are the effects of these four problems, let's follow the editor to understand.

         ● LED display installed outdoor

      Frequent sun and rain, wind and dust cover, poor working environment. Wet or severe moisture on electronic equipment can cause short circuit or even fire, cause malfunction or even fire, and cause losses.

         ● Influence of ambient temperature

      The outdoor LED display itself must generate a certain amount of heat when it is working. If the ambient temperature is too high and the heat dissipation is not good, the integrated circuit may not work properly or even be burned, which makes the display system unable to work properly.

         ● Whether it was struck by lightning

      The voltage of lightning is very high, which can reach 100 million to 1 billion volts. The damage caused by lightning to outdoor LED displays is irreparable.

         ● Direct sunlight

      Outdoor LED display requires long sight distance and wide field of vision; the ambient light changes greatly, especially it may be exposed to direct sunlight.

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