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      As the application fields of outdoor display screens become more and more extensive, and their product configuration requirements become higher and higher, today we talk to you about the fire safety of outdoor display screens.

      The key to the technical advantages of the fire safety of outdoor LED screens is very much related to the fire safety materials of the display screen and the processing technology of the cabinet.

         ●  In most display screen applications, the larger the total area of the display screen, the greater the power consumption, and the stronger the reliability of the cable power supply. In many cable products, the application of cables that meet national standards can ensure their safety and reliability

         ●  The power products according to UL certification are also the best choice when choosing the same industry, its reasonable conversion rate can ensure the safety and stability of the power load, and it can work normally even under the extremely hot external working temperature.

Subsequently, at the raw material level of the external safety protection structure of the display screen, most of the display screen products with higher flame retardancy on the sales market are made of fire-safe aluminum panels, which have excellent flame retardancy and strong fire-retardant flame retardancy. 

         ●  The special material of the board is also very strong in oxygen embrittlement. The aluminum shrouds of general outdoor display products are accompanied by high temperature, rain, heat and cold, and the impact brittleness is relatively fast, making it easier for the morning dew to penetrate into the led transparent screen and cause electronic components to short-circuit in the relatively wet and cold weather. Failure caused fire accident

         ●  There is a key part of the raw materials for the fire safety of the display screen, that is, the plastic kit. The plastic kit is mainly the application raw material of the bottom shell of the module mask breathing mask. The key application raw material is the PC+ glass fiber raw material with flame retardant effect. 

         ●  With flame retardant effect, it is more resistant to deformation and brittle cracking under high and low temperature tests and long-term application. In addition, it is well-sealed with strong adhesive, which can reasonably block the precipitation of environmental factors. Internally causing a fire accident due to a short circuit fault.

         ●  In addition to the internal raw materials will affect the fire safety effect, the external equipment and design are also very critical.

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