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Broadcasting advertisements on outdoor screens have become far more effective than traditional advertising printed media (newspapers, static boards, etc.). This is also the main reason behind the rise of digital screens on the streets. Outdoor LED displays are inexpensive, dependable, and provide a high return on investment. Read further to find out more about outdoor LED display screen price.


What Are Outdoor LED Displays Used For?

Outdoor LED displays are large billboards made to display multi-media advertisements. These screens provide higher brightness and resolution than traditional monitors. This ensures that the message will be seen flawlessly, even in broad daylight when the sun directly hits the screen.


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These billboards can help your business stand out from the crowd. You can rapidly attract the attention of passers-by with a bright, vibrant display while also promoting your preferred message or content and earning sponsorship money.

You can also present unique video content opportunities, which means you won't have to keep repeating the same advertisement repeatedly. These dynamic screens help display specialized content at specific times. For example, if you put up an LED screen outside a cinema, you may broadcast trailers, showtimes, attractive deals, and upcoming movies. All of these different content types are on the same medium.


What Are The Prices of outdoor LED display screens?

These outdoor LED display screens have many models that come in a variety of cover styles for outdoor applications, such as public exhibitions and stadiums.


These versatile led screens come in a wide array of prices. The range typically starts from $3,000 and goes up to a racking $200,000.


Multiple factors determine the cost of an outdoor LED display screen, such as the size of the location and, of course, the LED displays manufacturer.


How Do Size And Location Determine The Price?

Simply putting it, the greater the size, the greater the cost will be. Before purchasing an LED display screen, the first step is to measure the space you want it to be installed at. Note the height and width to get quotes from the suppliers. Your cost of a LED display screen might go up due to the installation process (which varies from location to location).


Another aspect of the location is whether you want it to be resistant to rain. Most of the outdoor LED display screens have inbuilt features of water-resistance protection and thus are more expensive.


Manufacturers also have a background control on the price of LED display screens. Sometimes they put up unreasonably high prices and sometimes you can find it in cheap yet poor quality products. The smart move in purchasing is opting for renowned brands with good reviews in the market. You can purchase an LED display screen during the sale season to get it under steal prices. 

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