Product Description

Enbon FC series is a kind of LED display screen of outdoor fixed front and back service design, the product with high density, but it causes less comsuption. Work humidity is 10% ~ 90%, which means its high waterproof function. Ten thin panels in one wooden package could help clients save a lot of transportation fee. The Operation System is AV, S-Video, VGA, DVI, YPbPr, HDMI, SDI, it makes clients easy and fast to operate the product. Safety lock also helps us to press and turn to unlock the panel . The front and rear maintenance makes it flexible to install and convenient for maintenance. Gray scale makes the images more clearly.

 Product Parameters

Pixel PitchOutdoor: 5, 6.67, 10
LED lampOutdoor: P5=SMD2727




Outdoor: P5=5500nits



Module pixel

Outdoor: P5=84*56dots



Cabinet pixelOutdoor: P5=168*168dots



Module size

Outdoor: P5=480*320mm



Cabinet size 

Outdoor: P5=960*960*85mm



Module weight

Outdoor: P5=2kg



Cabinet Weight

Outdoor: P5=23kg



Work humidity10% ~ 90%
Work temperature﹣20 ~﹢65℃
Operating systemAV, S-Video, VGA, DVI, YPbPr, HDMI, SDI
Gray scale 
Max Power

Outdoor: P5=650w/sqm



Average Power

Outdoor: P5=218w/sqm



IP ratingOutdoor: IP65
Control waySynchronous/Asynchronous
Viewing AngleH140(+70/-70) deg V140(+70/-70)deg

Outdoor: P5=7scan




Outdoor: P5=30625dots/m2



Cabinet MaterielDie-casting Aluminum

 Product Display


Q :What method do you use to improve luminance and color uniformity
A:The most important thing is to find out is what your screen manufacturer does to fix the inherent non-uniformity issues found in all LEDs. The method that yields the best results is the PWM correction method, and it often produces a screen that is cheaper than extreme binning methods, because the screen manufacturer does not need to purchase such tight binning lots from the LED manufacturers in order to achieve uniformity. Also, it enables the user to recalibrate the screen as the LEDs become dimmer over the course of several years.

Q: Are correction coefficients used for each pixel or only for each module?
A: For best results, correction coefficients should be provided for each pixel. Correction coefficients for the module can reduce or eliminate the patchwork quilt effect that shows modules with different brightness and color, but it cannot completely remove the boundary differences between different modules and will do nothing to eliminate the dirty window effect caused by pixel-to-pixel uniformity differences

Q: How many correction coefficients are used for each pixel?
A: It is possible to produce correction only for luminance and white point. A screen of this type will use 3x1 correction coefficients (3 coefficients for each pixel). A full color corrected screen will use 3x3 coefficients (9 coefficients for each pixel).

Q: Are the PWM coefficients stored in the modules in addition to storing them in the video controller?
A:The coefficients need to be stored in the video controller in order to perform the video signal processing; however, it is also very convenient to store them in a type of flash memory on the module. This not only provides a backup for the coefficients, but it also enables the module to automatically update the coefficient database in the video controller when it is moved or replaced.

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