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 Product Description

Enbon Transparent LED display screen is widely applicated in different application, like staging shows, business streets. With transmittance could up to 65%, light transmission and wind penetration couldn't affect its lighting and sight. With low led screen price but high quality, the product is hot-selling on the market. Light led display panel, 6 in l flight case could save transportation fees. Its fast lock between up and down cabinets, creating safety of the product. Special module design makes it look more pleasant. High quality shows its popularity in the screen display market.

 Product Parameters

Pixel Pitch

Indoor: 2.6-5.2, 3.9-7.81, 5.21-10.42, 10.4-10.4

Outdoor: 3.9-7.81, 5.21-10.42,10.4-10.4, 15.6-15.6

LED Package

Indoor: SMD1515(P2.6-5.2) SMD(P3.9-7.81,P5.21-10.42, P10.4-10.4)

Outdoor:SMD1921(P3.9-7.81, P5.21-10.42 ) SMD2727(P10.4-10.4, P15.6-15.6)

Pixel composition

Indoor:1R1G1B(P2.6-5.2, P3.9-7.81,P5.21-10.42, P10.4-10.4 )

Outdoor: 1R1G1B(P3.9-7.81,P5.21-10.42, P10.4-10.4,P15.6-15.6)


Indoor:58%(P2.6-5.2) 60%(P3.9-7.81) 67%(P5.21-10.42, P10.4-10.4)

Outdoor:55%(P3.9-7.81) 67%(P5.21-10.42) 58%(P10.4-10.4) 71%(P15.6-15.6)


Indoor:1000-4500nits(P2.6-5.2, P3.9-7.81,P5.21-10.42, P10.4-10.4 )

Outdoor: 5000nits(P3.9-7.81,P5.21-10.42, P10.4-10.4,P15.6-15.6)

Cabinet pixel

Indoor: 384*96dots(P2.6-5.2) 256*64dots(P3.9-7.81) 192*48dots(P5.21-10.42) 96*48dots(P10.4-10.4)

Outdoor:256*64dots(P3.9-7.81) 192*48dots(P5.21-10.42) 96*48dots(P10.4-10.4) 64*64dots(P15.6-15.6)

Module pixel

Indoor: 192*48dots(P2.6-5.2) 128*16dots(P3.9-7.81) 96*12dots(P5.21-10.42) 48*12dots(P10.4-10.4)

Outdoor: 128*32dots(P3.9-7.81) 96*24dots(P5.21-10.42) 48*24dots(P10.4-10.4) 32*16dots(P15.6-15.6)

Cabinet size

Indoor: 1000*500mm(P2.6-5.2, P3.9-7.81,P5.21-10.42, P10.4-10.4)

Outdoor:1000*500mm(P3.9-7.81,P5.21-10.42, P10.4-10.4,P15.6-15.6)

Cabinet Weight

Indoor: 6kg(P2.6-5.2, P3.9-7.81,P5.21-10.42, P10.4-10.4)

Outdoor:7.5kg(P3.9-7.81,P5.21-10.42, P10.4-10.4,P15.6-15.6)

Relative Humidity

Indoor: 10%-90%

Outdoor: 10%-90%

Work temperature

Indoor:﹣20 ~﹢65℃

Outdoor: ﹣20 ~﹢65℃

Operating system

Indoor: AV, S-Video, VGA, DVI, YPbPr, HDMI, SDI

Outdoor: AV, S-Video, VGA, DVI, YPbPr, HDMI, SDI

Control way

Indoor: Synchronous/Asynchronous

Outdoor: Synchronous/Asynchronous

Grey Scale

Indoor: 15bit

Outdoor: 15bit

Max Power

Indoor:600w/sqm(P2.6-5.2, P10.4-10.4) 620w/sqm(P3.9-7.81,P5.21-10.42)

Outdoor:800w/sqm(P3.9-7.81,P5.21-10.42, P10.4-10.4,P15.6-15.6)

Average Power

Indoor: 200w/sqm(P2.6-5.2, P3.9-7.81,P5.21-10.42, P10.4-10.4)

Outdoor:260w/sqm(P3.9-7.81,P5.21-10.42, P10.4-10.4,P15.6-15.6)

Input Voltage

Indoor:AC100-240V(P2.6-5.2, P3.9-7.81,P5.21-10.42, P10.4-10.4)

Outdoor: AC100-240V(P3.9-7.81,P5.21-10.42, P10.4-10.4,P15.6-15.6)

Refresh Rate



IP Rate

Indoor: IP33

Outdoor: IP65

Viewing Angle

Indoor: H140(+70/-70) deg V140(+70/-70)deg

Outdoor: H140(+70/-70) deg V140(+70/-70)deg


Indoor: 73728dots/m2(P2.6-5.2) 32768dots/m2(P3.9-7.81) 18432dots/m2(P5.21-10.42) 9216dots/m2(P10.4-10.4)

Outdoor: 32768dots/m(P3.9-7.81) 18432dots/m2(P5.21-10.42) 9216dots/m2(P10.4-10.4) 4096dots/m2(P15.6-15.6)

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