What is the front maintenance LED screen? What are its significant advantages?


     The maintenance mode of LED display screen is mainly divided into front maintenance and rear maintenance. Post maintenance: large LED display screens that are widely used in the external walls of buildings must be designed with maintenance channels, so that maintenance personnel can carry out maintenance and overhaul from the back of the screen body. The overall technical requirements are high, the installation and disassembly are cumbersome, and the time and effort are consumed. This is obviously not a more suitable choice for indoor compact application places where space is precious and land is precious, or for inlaid and wall mounted structures.

Selected cases: lch1.8 of a Procuratorate in Henan

    With the rise of small spacing led, the indoor LED display products of front maintenance gradually occupy a dominant position in the market. It refers to that the magnetic element and the LED display box are fixed by magnetic adsorption. During operation, the suction cup directly contacts the surface of the box for front maintenance, so as to remove the module structure of the LED screen from the box and realize the front maintenance of the screen. This front maintenance mode can make the overall structure of the display screen thinner and lighter, integrate with the surrounding building environment, and highlight the indoor visual expression ability.

    Compared with post maintenance, the advantages of the front maintenance LED screen mainly lie in saving space, realizing greater utilization of environmental space and reducing the difficulty of post maintenance. The front maintenance mode does not need to reserve maintenance channels, supports independent front maintenance, and saves the back maintenance space of the display screen. It does not need to disassemble the wire, supports rapid maintenance, and is easier and convenient to disassemble. The front maintenance is lower than the rear maintenance, which requires the removal of screws. In the case of a single point of failure, only one person needs to disassemble and maintain a single LED or pixel, with high maintenance efficiency and low cost. However, due to the indoor high-density characteristics, the structure of such indoor products has high requirements on the heat dissipation of the box, otherwise the display screen is prone to local failure.

Selected case: p2.5 of a kindergarten in Luoyang, Henan

    Relatively speaking, post maintenance is not without merit. Its price is slightly lower, and it is suitable for roof type, column type and other installation scenarios, and the inspection and maintenance efficiency is high. Due to different application scenarios, you can choose these two maintenance methods according to your actual needs.

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