What is LED Screen Made Of?


LED screen ( light emitting diode) is a type of flat panel display used to display text, images, videos, and camera signs. A LED screen is comparable to a huge computer or television display. Light-emitting diodes (LED) are tiny lights that are used to create the screen. Red, Green, and Blue are the three colors that each LED emits, and when combined, they can produce a variety of colors.


The compound of gallium, arsenic, phosphorus, nitrogen, and indium is used to make diodes, which can be used to create LED because when electrons combine with electron holes, they emit visible light. LED made of gallium arsenide phosphate, gallium phosphate, silicon carbide, indium gallium nitride, and green gallium phosphate are used to emit red, green, yellow, and blue light, respectively.


The color and efficacy of LED screen are related to the components and production processes. Initially, the lighting chip emits a full blue beam; however, as the fluorescent powder is added, the illumination is adjusted to various hues to suit the needs of the client. An LED is often molded into transparent plastic and is made of solid materials without any moving parts. High durability is thus guaranteed. An LED produces nearly no heat when it is on. The issue of cooling the electrical components is lessened as a result.


It's important to note that LED screens are different from liquid crystal display (LCD) panels and that there are a lot of intricate technical distinctions between them. In a nutshell, LCD screens can be conveniently viewed from a much considerable distance, making them the ideal choice for enclosed spaces like shopping centers, reception areas, lobbies, and many more. In contrast, LED screens are best suited for large-scale and outdoor environments due to their brightness and size.

led screen

LED Lighting Materials to Be Used for the Manufacturing of LED Display

1.  LED Lighting Body

A single LED chip, a reflector, a metal anode, and a metal cathode make up its construction. Epoxy resin, which has a high capacity for ambient light and light spots, is used to cover these components. Due to its great brightness, it is typically used for outdoor LED screens. It can employ a single light source that is one or more various colors to make up a basic pixel.


2. Surface Mounted Diode (SMD) LED

It is a form of enclosed sticking and welding LED light that may be used for indoor full-color LED screens. It also has the ability to maintain individual dots, successfully preventing the Mosaic phenomenon.


3. Module For LED Lattice

Numerous chips make up the light-emitting matrix, which is sealed inside of a plastic shell using epoxy resin. It can be easily made into a high-density display and is most suitable for indoor LED screens since it can be adapted for row and column scanning drives.


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