Characteristics and Evolution Trend of Background System of Small Space Display Screen



     After nearly five years of development, small pitch LED displays have greatly improved the clarity of display panels. As the density increases, the difficulty of further reducing the pixel spacing gradually increases.

     At the same time, the background support system of LED display screen is undergoing deep reform. The signal driving system of the display screen, also known as the sending card and receiving card. The sending card has evolved from the embedded PCI slot to the external type with independent power module.

     Through the application of small spacing, the standard 1U rack type is adopted. These are only changes in appearance and access mode. In terms of the system's load capacity, the sending card is gradually adapting to the load of video resolution in standard video format, most typically, a single station that supports 1080P signal access; The introduction of HDMI interface input, etc., is to match the front-end matrix of the small pitch signal access platform, and to match the interface and resolution.

    As for the receiving card, with the increase of the pixel density of the display screen unit and the small space in the unit, a memory strip receiving card with strong load and small size is gradually derived.

    In terms of dual backup of signals, the small spacing LED display screen more often uses the traditional signal loop form. Under the condition that the system is stable and reliable, this form can achieve a certain degree of dual backup. However, in the near future, more manufacturers will use the form of dual system cards to replace the signal loop, so that the stability of the system will be greatly improved.

    It can be predicted that the receiving card supplier of the system is seeking for a breakthrough in business, and there is also exploration and discussion on the form of integrated circuit chip. It is believed that it will not be too long, and there will be a subversive form in the display drive system. At the signal access platform level of the video splicing wall, equipment suppliers at all levels are gradually moving from exclusion to acceptance of small pitch LEDs.

    From the current standard hardware equipment splicing controller of the splicing wall, the product is output from the original interface with fixed resolution. In order to adapt to the signal access characteristics of small pitch LED products, the interface resolution can be freely defined.

    From the original LED small pitch manufacturers looking for splicers that can customize the output resolution, to the present, splicers in the whole industry have supported or are trying to support LED splicing, which cannot be said to be a compromise and progress of technology on the market.

    It is not difficult to find that LED small pitch products are gradually infiltrating into the professional display field from the traditional commercial display carrier. From the product itself to the background system, they are constantly adjusted and improved.

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