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Enbon ensures that its products and services meet quality standards and has successively passed certifications such as the Quality Management System Requirements.


   According to GB/T190xx-20xx Quality Management System Requirements, GB/T240xx-2004 Environmental Management System Requirements and Guidelines for Use, and GB/T280xx-2022 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Specifications, our company prepared the Version A Quality, Environment,
   Occupational Health and Safety Management Manual in March 2019 and began its full operation on March 9, 2019. The quality process control, environmental factors and hazard sources are controlled through various measures such as system operation control, strict implementation of relevant provisions of procedure documents, and development and improvement of operation instructions. Since the operation of the system, all departments of the company have implemented in accordance with the requirements of the system.
   No major quality accidents and customer complaints have occurred, effectively reducing the environmental and occupational health and safety risks.

    The company began to introduce the ISO quality management system promotion work in August 2014. Under the direct leadership of the general manager, the company established the Quality Manual, the Procedure Document and formulated various management and technical documents,
    and strictly implemented the system requirements. It passed the annual routine internal quality management system audit, and accepted the "certificate renewal audit" of the third party certification company, Understand that the company's quality management system has been effectively implemented and maintained.
   In 2019, the company leaders repeatedly emphasized the importance of product quality meeting customer requirements and laws and regulations by publicizing the company's quality policy, objectives and the implementation of inspection procedure documents, advocating customer-centered, firmly implementing the quality policy of "process specification, ensuring quality; continuous improvement,
   customer satisfaction", and decomposing the quality objectives layer by layer and implementing them to all departments. It can clarify the responsibilities and authorities of personnel at all posts, ensure the timely supply of personnel, equipment, materials and other aspects, ensure the continuity of production, and ensure that the quality meets the specified requirements.

Resource management

   In order to meet the needs of customers, the company reasonably organizes production, expands the market, constantly introduces talents and purchases equipment, and ensures that various resources meet the production needs.
    The General Affairs Department shall strictly implement the Human Resources Control Procedure to further strengthen staff training and outsourcing training, and ensure that employees of special types of work can work with certificates, so that they can be competent for the work they undertake and recruit experienced production technicians.
    The company's equipment and facilities management can basically be implemented in accordance with the Infrastructure and Work Environment Control Procedure. The main problems are: a Some equipment operators do not have enough knowledge of the equipment, resulting in the equipment repair and maintenance is not timely and in place; B. The operators did not carefully implement the records in the Daily Equipment Check List, resulting in the failure to find the minor equipment faults in time and affecting the equipment performance.
    The production staff can implement according to the Production Workshop Management System, mainly because the production tools can not be returned in time after use, and there are tools found everywhere, affecting the production efficiency.

   The company has developed the Customer-related Process Control Procedure to ensure that the company has the ability to meet the requirements specified in the contract. In the future, we should strengthen our understanding of the importance of contract review,
   and ensure that the construction period, price, construction requirements, etc. of the project are reviewed before receiving maintenance parts, so as to determine whether the company is able to meet the specified requirements. Once the project is accepted, we should carefully perform the contract.
   The purchaser shall strictly purchase from qualified suppliers according to the purchase application and obtain relevant material certificates. Adhere to the acceptance before entering the factory, and the unqualified raw materials and outsourced parts shall not enter the factory or enter the warehouse. Only by controlling the quality can the quality be guaranteed.
   In the production process, it is strictly required to process and produce in accordance with the production process and technical drawings to achieve "process specification and quality assurance". Carry out inspection on key processes and key processes, follow the "three-level inspection" principle of self-inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection, and ensure that each product is qualified before it can be transferred to the next process. When quality hazards or nonconforming products are found, they shall be eliminated or reworked in time, and nonconforming products shall not be delivered.

   In order to consolidate the results achieved and achieve continuous improvement. Understand the satisfaction of production quality and service and the overall impression of the enterprise through customer return visit, questionnaire distribution, telephone survey, customer complaint acceptance and other methods.
   In the process of production, the control of unqualified and unqualified materials in the quality of refurbished products should be further strengthened. The reworked products should be resolutely reworked, and the scrapped ones should be resolutely scrapped. The company has developed a control procedure for corrective and preventive measures to eliminate the causes of nonconformities and potential causes of nonconformities and prevent the recurrence and occurrence of nonconformities. In the future,
   the relevant departments and responsible persons must carefully analyze the non-conformities in the production and service quality and in the system, draw inferences from one instance, formulate effective corrective and preventive measures and seriously implement them, so as to continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality system.
It is hoped that the company's leaders and department managers will pay more attention to and participate in ISO9001 for department employees. Strengthen training and learning, and thoroughly understand the requirements of various control procedures. The company's overall ISO quality management needs to be further strengthened in order to implement it.
   The integration of the quality management system and daily work needs to be further strengthened. The requirements of the quality management system are the normative requirements of the company and departments for daily work, not an additional burden. Improve the relevant systems of the department and strengthen the work standards of the department staff.