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Invest Relations

Invest Relations

Enbon's current investment profile is made up of four main components. These are the China 500A Private Board, the Enbon Fund, the Enbon Investment Group and the Enbon Group.

Mr. Charles, born in mainland China, studied in mainland China and Taiwan, China. He has several years of teacher and teaching experience. Due to studying abroad all the year round, he was infected by Western culture.He was engaged in the physical manufacturing industry and gradually invested in the investment industry. Since then, it has always focused on the international market.He has successively participated in the establishment of China's first 500A private board organization invested and established by young entrepreneurs in China, invested in the establishment of an investment consulting service platform with like-minded students, and continued to pay attention to and invest in public welfare funds. He hopes to rely on himself and The efforts of the team can continuously output value for the society.

Corporate Structure

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Enbon Group

Enbon Group is an industrial and financial unified organism invested and established by Mr. Charles. The purpose is to make targeted investment plans based on market changes and the company's development needs, around the current industry's cutting-edge development situation, to complete more A rigorous and sustainable group organization can also be called an investment platform.

Enbon Holdings

Enbon Holdings is located in Hong Kong, China. It is the investment department of Enbon Group to continuously deepen and establish overseas brands with LED Display products as its core industry. Enbon Group will rely on its resource advantages to increase investment in Enbon Holdings to continuously establish overseas branches The diversified market demands of companies, factories, and platforms respond to the economic status quo of constant competition and increase the international influence of the Enbon brand.

Hong Mao

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