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Enbon Special-Shaped LED display

Enbon specializes in customizing irregular LED displays such as spheres, polygons,
cylinders, rings, Mobius rings, and flexible screens.

Advantages of Enbon soft module

The advantages of the soft module in terms of display effect and weight

1. High flexibility: The soft module uses a flexible substrate material that can be bent and folded to adapt to irregular-shaped installation needs.

2.Thin and light: Soft modules are relatively thin and lightweight, making them easy to carry and install. It can be used in situations that require quick set-up and disassembly.

Cabinet structure of Enbon shaped led display

Introduction to the cabinet structure

1.The cabinet material is made of sheet metal with a thickness of 1.2mm.

2.It’s easy to bend so it’s easier to make shapes, which makes the fit of the modules better to achieve the effect of seamless splicing.

Cylindrical display screen

Enbon soft module series customized high refresh full color cylindrical led display

1.Enbon cylindrical display can customize the display content, and present it in front of everyone in the form of information media.
2. It has more flexible interactive performance, and can display different content information according to different requirements.

Advantages of cylindrical led display

1. Conformability: The shape of cabinet can be designed according to customer needs; the fit with the module is better to achieve a seamless effect.

2.Flexible: Various effects such as rolling, bending and swinging can be designed and can be bent and spliced arbitrarily, suitable for artistic shapes

LED letter screen

Enbon customized high refresh full color letter LED screen

1.It can be used in the atrium or lobby of commercial plazas as a means of decoration and attracting passenger flow.
2. can display brand image and culture, and can also play some commercial advertisements or event information.

Features of Enbon letter LED screen

1. It can display different content and effects based on the audience's position and angle, thereby increasing audience engagement
2. Because it uses high-definition, high-brightness, high-contrast LED lamp beads, it can be clearly seen under any lighting conditions, thereby improving the display effect

Application of letter LED screen

1. It can be used in science and technology museums, museums, exhibition halls and other places. It can display some video content related to the theme.
2.It can also be used in theme parks, amusement parks, water parks and other places as a means to enhance the visual effects and atmosphere of amusement projects.

LED ribbon display

Enbon ribbon led display

1. Enbon ribbon led display can be used both in indoor and outdoor environment. Suitable for a variety of places, such as shopping malls and squares.
2.It uses a modular design that can be spliced and replaced quickly, so it is more convenient to install and maintain.

Advantages of Enbon ribbon led display

1.The biggest advantage of Enbon ribbon LED displays is that the materials used are softer and easier to bend, and can be cut into different shapes and sizes.
2.Can be used for stage decorations and large performing arts venues. It can create a variety of creative visual effects and provide stunning stage performances.

LED Mobius Ring

Enbon Mobius led display

1.The magical thing about the Mobius strip is that it has only one curved surface. It means "infinite possibilities and endless life".
2.The irregular-shaped facade and gorgeous appearance mean it can be used in commercial buildings, shopping malls, hotels, theaters, etc.

Advantages of Enbon Mobius led display

1.Use soft module to achieve seamless splicing display effect, and adopt magnetic module to make installation more convenient.
2.The use of flexible materials has good impact resistance and folding capabilities, which can reduce the risk of damage to a certain extent.

Horn Screen

Enbon horn led display

1. By combining the basic elements and symbols of the building, the LED horn led display makes the LED elements perfectly integrate with the building.
2.The whole LED speaker screen has a 360 degree viewing angle which can be built as a city landmark. Bring a shocking visual feast to the audience.

Advantages of Enbon horn led display

1.High flexibility: Enbon horn led display can be customized according to customer needs, shape, size, brightness, color and other aspects can be adjusted to meet the needs of different scenes.
2.Better display effect: Using dot matrix technology, it can achieve high brightness, high contrast, and wide color gamut display effects, presenting clear and vivid pictures.

ED arc-shaped screen

Enbon curved led display

1.Enbon curved led display is widely used in science and technology museums. And it is widely used inexhibition halls, hotels, shopping malls.
2.This kind of display can provide a smoother and seamless display effect and is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Advantages of Enbon curved led display

1. It has lower energy consumption and uses efficient LED technology, saving energy and reducing environmental impact.
2.Light weight and easy to install. It can be used in situations that require quick set-up and disassembly, such as exhibitions, events, etc.

Edge wrapped LED circular screen

Enbon wrap-around round led display

1.It can be designed as single-sided display or double-sided display according to needs. The diameter can also be customized, such as 0.8m, 1.5m, and 2m.
2.There are many ways to install it, such as hanging, side-mounted, wall-mounted, etc. Customers can choose which installation method according to needs.

Advantages of Enbon wrap-around round led display

1.By using advanced installation technology, the installation time is effectively shortened. Providing a strong guarantee for the smooth progress of the project.
2.It not only helps reduce costs and improve project efficiency, but also completes projects faster to meet customers' timeliness needs.

Borderless circular screen

Unwrapped round led display

1.Unique design: The circular LED display adopts a unique design, which can attract consumers' attention and stand out among many competing products.
2.High definition: The picture is clear and sharp, with uniform colors and high contrast, which effectively improves the clarity and fidelity of the image.

Advantages of Enbon Unwrapped round led display

1.Lightweight design: The ultra-thin design, light weight and high precision make the display lighter and easier to carry and install.
2.High cost performance: The circular LED display has excellent performance, relatively reasonable price, and high cost performance.

Mechanical Rotating screen

Enbon mechanical rotating led display

1.It can rotate the screen through a mechanical device, so that the screen can be displayed at different angles and directions.
2.This kind of display is usually used in station billboards, shopping mall displays and other occasions to attract people's attention.

Structure of Enbon mechanical rotating led display

1.Auxiliary structure consists of slewing support, steel structure of the screen body, centre column, column decoration, etc.
2.Control system consists of PLC automation control, cable rotary conductive, video wireless transmission, synchronous interaction between video and machinery, remote service, etc.

Small Pitch Spherical Screen

Enbon indoor full-color small pixel pitch spherical LED display

1.The spherical LED display allows viewers to have a 360° panoramic view of the displayed content. It enhances the presentation of fine details in the visuals.
2.Besides, the spherical LED display can directly project spherical objects like the Earth or a football onto the display.

The characteristics of spherical LED display module

1.The size, resolution, brightness and other parameters of the spherical LED display can be customized to meet the needs of different scenarios.
2.Due to its spherical design, viewers can get a complete panoramic picture no matter which angle they look from, providing an immersive viewing experience.

Advantages of Enbon spherical LED display module

1.High resolution and high pixel density, true reproduction of high-definition images, colour uniformity and high contrast.
2.Wider viewing angle and better surface flatness. Meet the needs of different pixel pitch, accurate CNC dimensions

Polygonal Display screen

Enbon's polygonal LED display

1.It is very realistic in modeling. It can receive more external signals with professional audio and video processing systems.
2.It can also be perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment to achieve an immersive effect.

The application of Enbon's polygonal led display

The application fields of it are very wide. It can be used in coffee shops, multi-functional exhibition halls, stage, shopping malls, large open-air squares, etc.
2.It can be designed according to the needs of customers to achieve a variety of perfect shapes, such as irregular shapes such as ovals and circles.

Full color water droplet screen

Enbon waterdrop led display

1.When the waterdrop display is used in indoor space, the overall structure and shape can be customised.
2.According to the user's requirements, and the display effect is more peculiar, which makes its shape display more novel and unique.

Advantages of Enbon waterdrop led display

1.Highly interactive: touch screen, gesture recognition and other technologies can be integrated to allow viewers to interact with the displayed content
2.Energy saving and environmental protection: The LED lamp beads used as the light source have the advantages of low energy consumption and long life.

LED Triangle screen

Enbon triangular led display

1.Compared with traditional rectangular or circular displays, triangular LED displays are more unique and stylish and can be displayed as art.
2.Triangular LED displays can be freely combined, whether it is a large outdoor advertisement or a small desktop decoration, it can be easily realized.

Advantages of Enbon triangular led display

1.Triangular LED displays offer greater flexibility in design and application and can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of objects and spaces
2.The application fields of triangular LED displays will be further expanded to home, business, entertainment and public facilities.

Mechanical Rubik's Cube screen

Enbon magic cube led display

1.Each independent side can play different video content, or it can be spliced into one video for the audience to watch from different angles.
2.The Rubik's Cube display not only has a display function, but can also be used as decorations, such as store logos, promotional advertisements, etc.

Advantages of Enbon magic led display

1.Better heat dissipation, low power consumption, security and stability are guaranteed; the use of modules for splicing is more reliable and also improves the service life.
2.Higher resolution and pixel density, high colour uniformity and high contrast, clear and bright images.

Opening And Closing Screen

Enbon electronic switching led display

1.It is combined with the development trend of society and change. It is to improve the city's image, improve the applicability of advertising equipment.
2.It is a modern advertising equipment that displays intelligent mechanization and creates a high-end LED display that is most perfectly integrated with social development.

Advantages of Enbon electronic switching led display

1.Diversified control mode. Enbon electronic switching led display can be controlled by remote control, automatic mode, tablet control mode, central control mode, etc.
2.Higher security: it stops moving when it senses someone passing by. Silent design: more suitable for places that require quietness.

LED Telescopic Screen

Enbon retractable led display

It suitable for a variety of application scenarios, such as commercial advertising, stage performances, conference rooms, etc.
2.It usually adopts a modular design for easy disassembly and maintenance, and can quickly repair faults and replace damaged parts.

Advantages of Enbon retractable led display

1.Foldable design: The retractable LED display adopts a foldable structure design, which is easy to carry and transport, and can be quickly unfolded and folded.
2.Flexible display modes: The telescopic LED display can realize a variety of display modes by adjusting the folding angle and unfolding state.

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