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LED display screen can be said to be a common display product in our daily life. From outdoor advertising screen to conference video display terminal, full-color LED display screen has penetrated into all aspects of people's life. However, reviewing the development of LED display industry, it is not difficult to find that the development of science and technology has injected a lot of fresh blood to the LED display industry, such as the rapid development of small space LED, the "ice screen" in the "Beijing Eight Minutes" of the Winter Olympics. The rapid development of LED folding screen, has injected new vitality into the LED display industry. LED display has been in the curtain, floor tiles, the three-dimensional development of the stage wall.

With the continuous development of the whole technology industry chain, product intelligence has become the primary "topic" faced by many enterprises, LED display screen is no exception, in the future to achieve industrial upgrading, intelligence will become the only way to its development. In fact, the process of intelligent LED display is not new, but the use of most LED displays in the current market, the true intelligence has not yet been achieved, many LED displays are still in the relatively early application level. Such as outdoor often seen LED advertising screen, although it has absolute advantages in waterproof, high-definition, large screen display, but has not entered the intelligent. When it comes to intelligent product, the most common is "human-computer interaction", the product is the intelligent application of aims to liberate people themselves, so as its name implies, "human-computer interaction" has become the inevitable developing trend of intelligent LED display, LED display in the future will get rid of a "cold" display terminal Settings, In its place will be the integration of voice recognition, 3D, VR and other high-tech intelligent display carrier. At the same time, in order to improve and optimize the user experience, "intelligent display carrier with temperature" will become the development goal. On the basis of realizing "human-computer interaction", LED display needs to strengthen the use scene processing. At this time, the big data analysis and data management platform will come in handy. Using these data analysis technologies, combined with users' preferences, to achieve intelligent functions such as intelligent operation and precise push, so that users can integrate their emotions into the LED display.

But the intelligent LED display products can not only stay in the technical level, from the perspective of long-term development. The development of production capacity cannot be separated from the actual needs of users. On the basis of meeting technical needs, more attention should be paid to the experience of users. In the future, the demand for intelligent LED display that "meets user experience" will become an important direction for the transformation and upgrading of the whole industry.
Shenzhen Enbon Technology Co., Ltd has always been focused on the design and development of separated LED screen, successfully solved the inherent LED display tedious installation, complex and bulky structure, single design and other product application pain points. Thin folding screen body, mobile storage, convenient and small; No box, no structure, one-piece hoisting is simple and quick. Convenient installation and maintenance will win a good reputation in the field of display, and have a broader market prospects.

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