The energy-saving concept of LED display screen is quietly raised


    With the development of the times, the traditional forms of advertising and information dissemination can no longer meet people's needs. Walking on the city streets, large and small LED display ads can explain this. In fact, not only in the advertising industry, LED display screens are also used in sports venues for the broadcast of sports events, timing and scoring, as well as the stage beauty background effect of some stage plays. The energy-saving concept of LED display screen has also been quietly raised, and it has become the highlight that attracts the most attention of consumers, which is the reason for its rapid growth in recent years.

    In this era of high energy-saving voice, the further energy-saving of LED display screen has undoubtedly become the support point pursued by this industry. Energy saving is the direction for which any industry in China is striving. Led full-color screen involves the use of electricity and operating costs, so energy saving is related to the interests of LED full-color screen operators and the use of national energy. From the current situation, the energy-saving display screen will not increase too much cost than the conventional display screen, and it will save cost in the later use, which is highly praised by the market.

    High definition and high density are the development trend of full color screen display. In order to obtain better viewing effect, people require the display screen to be from simple full-color to lifelike, restore the authenticity of color, and at the same time, realize the comfortable and clear image display like TV on a smaller display screen. Therefore, the high-definition display screen represented by the high-density and small spacing LED display screen will be the development trend in the future.

    In the final analysis, the development of different LED display technologies is to meet the market demand. The rapid development of small spacing LED display is undoubtedly the result of the joint promotion of Chinese LED display enterprises. However, with the development of the dot spacing of LED display screen towards micro spacing, the market application continues to expand and the competition becomes more and more fierce. In a sense, fierce competition is a good thing. Only competition can promote the continuous progress of LED display technology and promote industrial upgrading.

   The LED display screen market accounts for almost half of the LED display screen industry. In the current era of smart city construction and big data interconnection, the outdoor media market has also ushered in new changes. LED display products are widely used in outdoor advertising media, cultural and entertainment activities, stadiums and gymnasiums. With the advantages of full-color display systematization, from design, production, installation to maintenance, all-round integrated solutions are used to effectively reduce the overall cost of customers and create higher value for customers. Return to Sohu to see more

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