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With the continuous development of economy, commercial activities are more and more frequent. Nowadays, commercial activities, such as festivals, art shows, concerts and expositions, all use LED display screens, especially for stage rental.

Stage rental LED display screen, also known as stage performance screen, it has become a necessary part of the stage of current commercial activities. Because the LED display is not used for a long time, it is more economical to rent, and LED rental companies will help customers install and debugging, so it can save unnecessary trouble. That's why stage screens are so popular with event companies. Do you know what problems should be paid attention to in the process of renting and using performance screens? we are introduce these precautions here today.

The Precautions For The Use Of Stage LED Display

First, the stage LED display rental note: choose a reputable company, the company must have a professional stage LED display rental team, and the quality of the display must be first-class, after-sales service is good, can timely deal with the problems existing in the equipment and solve it; The rental price of the stage LED display should be calculated according to the length of the rental time, the size and type of the display. LED rental performance screen body flatness, brightness and visual Angle, color reduction, whether there is a dead point phenomenon, these will affect the broadcast effect of the stage performance screen, the atmosphere of live activities will also be affected, the effect of the whole commercial performance will be greatly reduced, not up to the expected expectation.

Second, The shooting distance should be appropriate. The shooting distance of stage LED screen with different spacing and filling coefficient is different. Taking the LED screen with a point spacing of 4 mm and a fill factor of 60% as an example, the distance between the person being photographed and the screen is 4-10 meters, which is the most ideal, so consumers can get a better picture effect.

Third, The stage performance screen should have a good use environment. The stage LED display is mainly composed of control panel, switching power supply, light emitting devices, etc, and the life and stability of all these components are closely related to the working temperature. If the actual working temperature exceeds the specified use range of the product, not only will its life be shortened, but the product itself will be seriously damaged.

Four, The threat of dust cannot be ignored. When working in a dusty environment, PCB adsorbs dust, and the deposition of dust will affect the heat dissipation performance of electronic components, which will lead to the rise of temperature of electronic components, the decline of thermal stability and even the leakage of electricity. In serious cases, the display screen will be burned. Dust can also absorb moisture in the air, making the electronic circuit in the LED display is corroded, resulting in some short-circuit problems that are not easy to troubleshoot. It is important to keep the studio clean and free of dust, and to be "spotless" when it comes to stage screens.

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