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Partner Planning

Create a most respected international brand with
social value and sustainable development

The Advantages of
Business Investment

Enbon Led Display is a well-known Chinese brand invested by Enbon Group, which focuses on the channel development of overseas display products.
Enbon Group plans to invest in setting up or introducing 50 overseas brand distributors in the next 3 years, At present, there are 10 distributors in Japan, South Korea, India, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Egypt, Canada, the Philippines, and Iran.
At present, the group is accelerating the establishment of an overseas distributor system. It is expected that in 2023, the Group intends to invest $10M in support funds for overseas distributors, so that the Enbon brand distributor system successfully landed.

Core advantages of the company

20 Years

Core marketing team with 20 years of experience in overseas market.

50+ Country

Sell products to Japan, South Korea, Arabia, Spain, Indonesia, etc.

10M$+ Funds

Adequate funding to support brand showrooms and product inventory.

80+ Style

Design mid to high-end products to meet different market demands.

1M+ Fans

Social media brands far surpass their peers in terms of exposure and traffic.


Free technical support for brand distributors by international engineers.

10+ Promotion

The company will support brand dealers online and offline promotion.

10+ Type

The product range is complete and the most cost-effective.

100+ certs

Global qualification certification to meet import and export needs.


and Patent Certificate

Trademark certificate

Trademark certificate

Trademark certificate

ATC Certificate

ATC Certificate

BIS Certificate

CB Certificate

CCC Certificate

COC Certificate

COC Certificate

ISO9001 Certificate

ISO14001 Certificate

ISO45001 Certificate

Shenzhen Enbon Optoelectronic Co., Ltd was awarded the certificate of Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise

High-tech Enterprise

Shenzhen Enbon Optoelectronics Co., Ltd was awarded as a Shenzhen Specialized, Specialized and New SME

Specialized and New SME

Investment Objectives

Allow global brand dealers to obtain high profits through co-operation with enbon

Allow global brand dealers to obtain market protection and service guarantee

Let the global brand dealers can get the highest investment protection with the lowest investment

Allow global brand distributors to truly obtain the core competitiveness of "factory direct sales"

Allow global brand dealers to minimise energy investment in exchange for rapid market growth

Let the global market customer groups get the most stable quality of product supply

Let the global market customer groups enjoy the best local after-sales service

Allow the global market customer groups to get the most advantageous product prices

Favoured Policy

After-sales Service

24 hours manual online after-sales service


Realize localized after-sales service centre

Professional Team

Professional product solution design team

Multi-year Warranty

Product warranty service up to 5 years

Social Promotion

Publicity of many popular social media accounts

Video Production

Professional multimedia production team

The Profitability of
The Brand's Master

Enbon Brand Master Distributors receive ongoing market and price protection.

Products are sold directly through the Master Brand Distributor or factory for profit.

Enbon works with the Master Distributor to establish a regional or national distributor system.

The distributor system is scientifically managed to ensure the profitability of the Master Distributor.

Enbon provides technical support to the Master Brand Distributor to increase the profitability of technical services.

Enbon provides cash rebates to the Master Distributor based on the total target achieved by the Master Distributor.

The sales targets and results of the Master Distributor are made up of the products sold by the Master Distributor and the products sold directly from the factory.

The Profitability of The Brand's Master Distributors

The Specific Policies of

Funding Policy

Enbon provides financial support in the form of instalments. Enbon provides financial cash support in the form of credit lines based on performance.

Technical Policy

Enbon arranges for international engineers to be based at the brand's main distributor. Enbon provides technical support for Enbon products or peer products.

Service Policy

Enbon provides 24-hour after-sales service to the Master Brand Distributor. Enbon supports the Master Distributor participating in local LED exhibitions.

Promotion Policy

Enbon provides online advertisement and social media promotion traffic support. Enbon co-operates with Master Brand Distributors to participate in cocktail parties or product launches to attract traffic.

Showroom Policy

Enbon provides free showroom samples according to the performance of the Master Distributor.

Inventory Policy

Enbon provides inventory support to Master Brand Distributors based on their quarterly performance.


Enbon does not allow the Master Brand Distributor to sell any of its competitors' products, except with documented authorisation.

The Brand Distributor
joins the conditions

Our goal is to create the most respected, sustainable and socially valuable international brand.
so our common goal is to grow together and create brilliance.

Showroom Construction

   The general distributor of the brand is required to uniformly decorate the showroom according to the requirements of the head office. The design style and layout of the showroom is subject to the effect drawing document of the head office. After the acceptance of the showroom, all the authority of the brand distributor will be given formally.

Performance Requirements

   Brand distributors need to communicate with the marketing department to reach a consensus. According to the current market situation to determine the minimum sales task of the brand distributor.

Company Requirements

   Brand distributors need to be established for more than 3 years or obtain the approval of the time period. The brand distributor is engaged in the industry or related industries of the individual or the main body of the company. The Master Brand Distributor is a local legal enterprise in normal operation and has no legal situation. The Master Brand Distributor must set up a professional and independent sales department for sales and service.

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