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LED screens have gained a lot of popularity due to their endless benefits. Many consumers are using these screens to attain their specific goals.

The types of LED screens and their cost influencing factors | Enbon LED Display Manufacture

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Sep, 04 2023

LED screens have gained a lot of popularity due to their endless benefits. Many consumers are using these screens to attain their specific goals. Many consumers are aware of the specifications, features, and designs of LED screens, but they often get confused about the LED screen cost.

The LED screen cost varies as the price of the screen depends on the features of the screen. There are some LED screens with the same design and even the same specifications but they have a major price difference. Why are those differences? Are producers paying more profits? What is the real cost of the LED screens? We will answer all your questions in this article.

What Is an LED Screen?

LED Display is a screen display technology that uses a panel of LEDs as the light source. These screens are used by a wide range of industries. LED screens are installed on billboards and store displays, as automotive lighting, from photography to traffic signals and indoors and outdoors. It provides a great option for efficient energy conversion when compared to traditional light bulbs. Types of LED Screen Cost

The cost of the LED screen can vary. You will have to pay a different price for different types of LED screens. Check out the estimated prices of different types of LED screens.

1. Outdoor LED screen
The LED display screen needs to be waterproof, especially if they are used outdoors. LED screens that are resistant to rain are available at a relatively higher price. Outdoor LED displays are installed in places that are open to rain and outdoors. They also require shielding to enhance water resistance and are costlier as compared to indoor LED displays. Buy the outdoor screens starting from $450.

2. Indoor LED screen
These LED screens are installed in the enclosed areas. They don’t get exposed to rain or weather. . you don’t need to protect them as they are mounted inside. The manufacturers often sell them at an economical price. You can generally get this screen for around $260.

3. Fixed LED screen
The LED screen cost of the following two usages can change the price with a big gap. One is permanently installed in one place, and the other one often moves to a different place for use. You can choose the type according to your needs. When the LED display is installed, you don’t need to move it. The screen is made with an affordable sheet metal iron or aluminum material and it uses disposable plywood box packaging. These screens are available at around $806.

4. Movable LED displays
When the LED display gets frequently disassembled and installed, then you will be required to move to a different scene to use. It is important to use a screen designed with a lightweight die-cast aluminum material. The screen should also be equipped with a quick-lock or magnesium alloy material. You should also get an LED screen that comes in good-quality packaging. it is also a great idea to get a screen packed in reusable flight cases.

5. Rental LED screens
Many customers don’t want to purchase LED screens because they don’t need them for permanent use. If you want to use these screens for a few times only then it is a great idea to rent them. The rental prices for LED screens depend on the day you are renting your screen for. You can rent a screen for hours, days, or a month. The price range will vary. The estimated amount of an LED screen rental starts from $150.

How to Get LED Screen Cost?
If you are planning to buy or rent an LED screen for your projects, then you might feel the need to find out about the price of the screen beforehand. This will allow you to sort out your budget before you head out to make a purchase. You can get in touch with the manufacturers and find out about the price of the LED screens in the following ways:

1. Email
When you decide to buy your LED screen from a certain company you can ask about the price of a certain product from the manufacturers directly. It is best to check out the contact us page and leave your question. You can send an email and get a reply from the company.

2. Check out the website
Most companies sell their products online these days. The prices of the products are listed under the product details on the website. The website will also show all types of LED screens the company is offering.

3. Whatsapp
You can message the company on WhatsApp and contact them anytime. The customer support team will give you an answer as soon as possible. You can get a quick reply and get answers to all your queries easily, like LED screen cost.

4. Social media
All manufacturers have their social media accounts where you can find all the information about their products. Don’t forget to check out the social media pages of the company you wish to make your purchase.

5. Direct contact with the sales staff
Getting in contact with the staff directly will allow you to talk to the salesman. You can visit the store and ask the salesman in the shop about the price details. The salesman in the shop will also be able to guide you about the basic features of the screen.

Buying an LED screen is a great idea as it will help you to succeed in your project. Whether you want to promote your products or wish to attract more customers using an LED screen would be a great idea.

If you are looking for an LED screen rental or a final purchase it is best to inquire about the LED screen cost before you make your final decision. We suggest you buy your LED screen from Enbon as it is one of the most reliable companies. This guide will provide you with all the possible means to find out about the cost of your LED screen and rentals.