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As we all know, a small pixel pitch LED display is an indoor LED display with a pixel pitch of P2.5 or less.

The Reasons Of Small Pixel Pitch LED Display Is So Popular? | Enbon LED Display Manufacture

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Sep, 04 2023

As we all know, a small pixel pitch LED display is an indoor LED display with a pixel pitch of P2.5 or less. The emergence of small pixel pitch display technology has promoted the development of led display screens for indoor ultra high-definition applications. What are the advantages of small pixel pitch LED displays?

With the features of seamless patchwork, excellent color performance, and low energy consumption, the small pixel pitch LED display can meet high-end indoor applications such as command and dispatch centers, command and control centers, radio and television studios, and meteorological information centers that require high image quality. Demand. Compared with the DLP rear projection splicing screen which is currently dominant in the field of security monitoring, command and dispatch, and the fast-growing LCD splicing screen, the significant advantage of the small pixel pitch LED display is seamless splicing. Theoretically, the dimensions can be infinitely expanded. Moreover, the installation method is flexible and diverse. The screen body has a thin thickness, saves space, and has high brightness, and can meet the requirements for use in a semi-outdoor environment. In addition, there is no costly replacement of the lamp, the energy consumption is low, and the operation and maintenance costs are low at a later stage.

The exquisiteness of the picture is enhanced, making it possible to use LED displays for indoor applications. With the continuous improvement of display technology, LED TVs based on small pixel pitch LED display technology have also emerged. In recent years, many LED display manufacturers have entered this market, continuously intensifying technology research and development, and accelerating the pace of advancement into home display applications. LED display technology continues to develop, and small pixel pitch display technologies are becoming more mature. The maturity of small pixel pitch technology has led to a continuous decline in production costs. By then, it is believed that the price of small pixel pitch LED displays will become more and more pro-independence, and it will soon become a reality for millions of households!