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Today we talk about LED curtain screen price . If you are looking for an effective mode of digital outdoor advertising, then choosing an LED video screen is the best choice. An LED video curtain display is the best choice when it comes to advertising your

What is LED curtain screen and product advantages and price comparison | Enbon LED Display Manufacture

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Aug, 31 2023

Today we talk about LED curtain screen price. If you are looking for an effective mode of digital outdoor advertising, then choosing an LED video screen is the best choice. An LED video curtain display is the best choice when it comes to advertising your products and services. It is one of the best modes for commercial and outdoor activities. LED video curtain display can be installed easily and comes with various benefits as well.

There are many major features of the LED curtain display and this is why many big brands use this LED screen for promoting their products. If you are wondering about the LED curtain screen price, then you don’t have to worry anymore. This article will help you to get the best estimate of the price of your LED curtain screen. Make sure to check out high-quality LED curtain screens from Enbon if you want to satisfy your outdoor advertising needs.

What Is LED Video Curtain Screen?

The LED curtain screen is a high-definition and advanced LED display. This screen comes with outstanding contrast and offers the best eye-catching brightness levels. This feature makes the screen's display quality more unique and attractive. The LED video curtain screen offers a wide range of vibrant images and videos. It is best to install the screen at ambient temperatures. In addition, the high-definition LED display is also easy to bent and can be modeled in any shape as well.

LED curtain display's brightness scales up to 8,000 nits in the daytime and dropped with a lower brightness at night. This type of screen is perfect for outdoor installation and will satisfy all your needs. If you want to create a meaningful view of buildings and restaurants, then this screen is the perfect choice for you.

The LED video curtain screens are perfect for hotels, establishments, and shopping malls and are being used in all parts of the world. It comes with a waterproof nature and can stand rain or other weather conditions easily as well. LED Curtain Screen Price According to Their Specifications

LED curtain screen price varies and you can get them at different prices. The price change highly depends on the features and specs of the screen. Let’s find out about the price of different types of LED curtain screens prices.

1. LED curtain screen with latest innovations
LED curtain screens with the latest innovations can be expensive. Innovative LED screens made with the latest technology have a high price. They are designed with the latest media façade technology and come with the layering of lights that are controlled separately.
The outside surfaces of buildings and properties use LED screens that help them to display dynamic images, graphics, video animation, visual displays, and text. These screens feature advanced LED lighting tech that allows the ads to look more visible and attractive day and night time.

2. The resolution and effect of a LED curtain display
There is a wide variety of outdoor LED curtain screens in the market but each of them has a different screen resolution. If you want to buy an outdoor LED screen display, then the LED curtain screen price might be a little more expensive than the indoor one. It is designed with a new one and comes with brightness levels.
These screens also offer better picture quality. It is important to understand the resolution and effect of an LED curtain display as these factors determine the price of your LED curtain screen. The screens designed with a 1cm pixel pitch are lower in cost whereas 100x100 pixels per square meter of the display might be a little expensive.

3. Transparent appearance
The LED video curtain is 35-70% transparent which makes it pricey. You can also see through these screens, unlike other traditional LED displays. If you are looking for a transparent LED curtain screen, then expect to pay a little high price.

4. Super slim and lightweight design
A super slim and lightweight LED curtain display has a higher price. If you are looking for an LED screen with an impressive slim structure, then it is best to buy an LED curtain screen. These screens are easy to install, use and maintain.

5. Energy saving
The energy-saving LED curtain screens are cost-efficient. The LED curtain screen price available at a good price and you can expect to save a lot of money. If you don’t want to break the bank, then buying an LED screen with 135W/㎡ for average power consumption could be the best choice. The main consumption of a curtain LED screen is lesser than the conventional LED display screen. It can reduce plenty of power consumption, and also minimize your overall energy bills.

6. Weather resistant
LED curtain screens come with an aluminum alloy in their boxes. This makes the screen's heat dissipation levels highly reliable. You might have to pay a little higher price for the screens that the weather resistant. These screens can withstand harsh temperatures from -40℃to 60℃.

7. LED screens for temporary advertisement
An LED curtain display is highly convenient, unlike regular displays. It can easily bend or fold, making it easy to move around. The installation process is relatively easy, allowing you the convenience of taking it down and reinstalling it elsewhere.

8. Weight support
If the building cannot support the weight of a regular LED display, then an LED curtain display can be the best option. An LED curtain screen is designed with lightweight materials and doesn’t exert excessive weight and force on the place of its installation. These screens are also available at affordable prices.

9. LED Curtain screens with a heat dissipation feature
It is best to choose an LED curtain display that helps you to save energy bills. If you don’t want your bills to skyrocket, then it is important to save on energy. LED curtain displays that come with a heat dissipation feature, then it is ideal for your energy and cost-saving needs.
Bottom Line

LED curtain displays vary in price. The LED curtain screen price helps to show stabilized images naturally and clearly. They are also easy to install and maintain, unlike traditional LED displays. They come with a super flexible design and are an ideal choice for your business.