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To use any product long-term, it is necessary to maintain it well. The same is true if you are using an LED display; you should know how to use it and care about it. In this article, we will share some tips for cleaning and LED display precautions.

Methods and precautions for storing, cleaning LED display | Enbon LED Display Manufacture

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Aug, 30 2023

To use any product long-term, it is necessary to maintain it well. The same is true if you are using an LED display; you should know how to use it and care about it. In this article, we will share some tips for cleaning and LED display precautions. By following these tips, you will increase the life cycle of your LED display screen.

Precautions to Maintain LED Display
One should always consider the proper precaution to extend the service life of the display screen. It guarantees longevity and ensures the proper working of the display screen.

1. Electricity Related Cautions
● The Module should be a DC +5V power supply (Voltage 4.2-5.2V). AC power supply is not for LED display. It is totally prohibited. The poles of positive and negative are also strictly prohibited to reversed (Caution: if you even once by mistake connect the reverse, the product will be burnt out, and it could be the cause of serious fire).
● The power supply should be 220V, 10% up and down is bearable, frequency 50Hz, 5% up and down is bearable.
● The ground connection should be reliable and safe. Proper distance between the group's wire and neutral wire, keep the wires away from each other.
● If you find any abnormal phenomenon like a short circuit, tripping wire burning or smoke, etc. Don't turn ON the power for the test if you are not professional in this case. Call the professional to fix it.
● Arrange the proper power supply to keep the LED display in work. Do the needful action on the ground to keep the LED display safe from lightning strikes. Use under harsh natural conditions, especially strong lightning weather, is not recommended.
● If you are maintaining a large screen, turning it ON step by step is recommended. The impact of all screens is on the power supply, and it could damage the power supply.
● Avoid playing with a full white screen with the highest brightness. It is harmful to LED displays. Don't play with this setting for more than half an hour to avoid excessive current heat and protect LED lamp beads. It affects the life of LED displays. For long turn use, it is recommended to play dynamic videos.
● To protect your LED display, don't allow the non-professional to inspect the display system. If you observe any problem with the LED display, call a professional to fix it.

2. Environment for Storage and Working Related Caution

Temperature & Display: In an ideal situation for working, the temperature is between 20℃ - 10℃, and the humidity is between 30% - 70% without condensation. The LED display caution avoids large screens to store or place for display in a humid environment.

It can easily cause oxidation and corrosion of the circuit board in a humid atmosphere if you are maintaining or displaying the LED outside. There is most probably a chance of rain. After the rain, clean the LED very well at times to remove water stains. It safeguards you to prevent moisture from entering the components or causing internal damage like lamp beads or circuit boards.

According to the display body and electronic components, the environment where the LED display is operated should be clean and dust free, and the storage place. It could affect the display and damage the circuit, and it could be the cause of a short circuit.

3. Requirement and Treatment Should Be Moisturizing Proof
The LED display keeps in use. Do not shut down for a long time. If there is no need for an LED display for more than three days, then you need to follow the method of preheating the spotlight.

This method requires you to turn on the screen with 30% - 50% brightness and always preheat for 4-8 Hours. After that, adjust it to normal brightness 80% - 100%; it will help you to remove moisture so that everything will be fine if your LED display will not be in use for more than seven days. The preheating time is up to 12 Hours, or it could be more.

4. Hardware Caution
The components of LED displays are very secretive. If there is any problem, call the professional technician in the factory to find out the problem and fix the LED display. It is strictly prohibited to open or disassemble it without proper knowledge.
High-quality display products require less maintenance. That's why it is important to invest in a display screen that is manufactured with high-quality material. Enbon all LED display products manufactured with high-quality and stable material. We always guarantee our products. To learn more about Enbon LED displays visit our site now!

Cleaning Instructions for LED Display
● After the installation of the LED display, it needs regular cleaning because it has been used for a long time, and with time the dust will accumulate on the LED display screen. After the rain, there is also a need to clean the water stains. Proper cleaning helps to provide a clear view of the LED display screen.
● If you want to clean the model's surface, you should use a soft brush and gently wipe it. The use of any liquid substance to clean the LED display screen is not recommended. If you ignore these cautions, it could damage your LED lamp beads.
● The large screen is not easy to clean. You can contact the service provider. If you want to clean it on your own, do it softly and gently. You can clean it with alcohol or use a soft brush and vacuum cleaner to remove all kinds of dust but don't do it directly. Do it with a wet wipe.
Wrap Up

Daily inspection is always needed to protect the display screen from different complexities. This informative guide is designed especially for those who are a beginner in the LED display screen industry. Don't place your display screen in a moist environment. It will cause damage to many internal and external components of the LED screen.