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We all want to purchase the best and high-quality product ever. Nowadays, many businessmen invest in LED display screens to advertise their business. Different manufacturers in the market claim their product is the best.

How To Distinguish The Quality Of Outdoor LED Display? | Enbon LED Display Manufacture

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Aug, 30 2023

We all want to purchase the best and high-quality product ever. Nowadays, many businessmen invest in LED display screens to advertise their business. Different manufacturers in the market claim their product is the best.

But is it really true or not? Are you familiar with how to distinguish the quality of outdoor LED displays? If you are planning to buy the best-LED screen, you should consider many factors. Proper knowledge protects you from making many mistakes.

Today we will discuss how to identify the quality of outdoor LED displays. The proper selection of the screen will ensure a successful experience and a longer lifetime.
How to Distinguish the Quality of Outdoor LED Display?

One should keep in mind the following factors to differentiate the quality of outdoor LED displays such as:
● Display energy efficiency.
● Temperature conditions can it withstand.
● Flatness.
● Viewing angle and lots more!

Let's start to discuss the details of each point.
1. Surface Flatness of Screen
The flatness of the screen gives the assurity that the image will not be distorted. So, it is good that the surface flatness of the screen should be ±1mm. This factor is basically determined by manufacturing strategy.

2. Type of Material
It is one of the most important factors to know. Of course, the quality of the product depends upon what material they are made of. So, it is crucial to invest in a trusted company that provides the guarantee of the product. The quality of the material will also decide the lifetime of the monitor. So, make sure that the material should be high quality.

3. Color restoration
This factor refers to the high consistency of colour on the outdoor LED display. It will also ensure the realism and clarity of the image.

4. Power Consumption Per Square
How much power is consumed by the LED screen with one square meter area also matters a lot? The unit of this factor is the watt. Unit of electricity consumption decides how much power is consumed per hour.
This factor also decides the brightness of the screen. Maximum power consumption means that the screen operates at its maximum brightness. Now the question is how to know this factor. The simple way is to:
● Count the number of power supplies given on the box.
● Then multiply by the maximum power of each power supply.
● In this way, you can quickly calculate the power consumption per Sayre meter.
This value basically depends upon the size of the box.

5. Color Temperature
When there is no colour consistency, it means there is severe image distortion. This distortion directly relates to the colour temperature of the white balance light-emitting diode display screen. The value is better if it lies in the range of 6500K to 8000K.

6. White Balance Effect
One of the essential indicators of outdoor LED displays is the white balance effect. This factor is found in the control system of the display screens.

7. Color Block on The Display Screen
This factor is directly related to the colour difference between adjacent modules. Furthermore, the color transition also depends upon the module. If the control system is poor, then color block problems occur.

8. Temperature Condition
How severe weather conditions it can withstand is also an important factor to consider. Always choose products that can bear high temperatures outdoors and indoors. It is good to select the waterproof LED display screen. In this way, rainwater does not affect the performance of the screen.

9. About Contrast
This factor is related to different brightness levels between white and darkest black in the light. If the difference range is the largest, the contrast will be higher and vice versa. This factor plays a vital role in the case of visual effects. It should be good if the contrast is higher. The higher value ensures the clarity of the image, and the picture will be more eye-catching.

10. Wavelength of The Light
It is also important to confirm the wavelength accuracy. This factor will ensure the consistency of color. Many people don't consider this factor, but it is crucial to keep in mind the wavelength accuracy before purchasing an outdoor LED display. If the wave difference is too significant, then the color is inconsistent.

11. Brightness And Viewing Angle
If you are going to use the display screen for indoor purposes, then the brightness should be above 800cd/m. In the case of outdoor LED displays, the value increases to 1500cd/m. Both of these values ensure the regular operation of the screen. If the value of brightness is low, then the image will be fuzzy. This factor basically defines the quality of LED dies. It is better for the screen to have a wider viewing angle.
Enbon offers high-quality and low pixel pitch outdoor LED screens. Various models are available that meet your demands at an affordable range. We ensure the warranty of the product. You can know more about Enbon by visiting our site.

12. Refresh rate
Refresh rate is another name for a frequency whose unit is Hz. It is good that the value of the refresh rate is above 300 Hz. If the value is low, then the image will be dithering from people's eyes. A high refresh rate will improve the brightness and color quality. In the case of shooting, the value is good to be above 800Hz.

13. Display Energy Efficiency
To reduce the electricity bill, it is good to choose a product that is energy-efficient. This feature also reduces environmental pollution and saves money as well. The Bottom Line

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will make better decisions about purchasing outdoor LED displays. Before shopping for the product, remember the factors mentioned above. All of these points will ensure that you are making a well-informed investment. If you want to invest in the right product, consider Enbon lighting products. We always offer the best product at the best price. This is the commitment of Enbon!