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LED and LCD screens have gained so much popularity lately but many people have been confused about which one is better out of the two. You might feel that you have to be a to find the best-LED screens at Enbon.

Comparison of LED and LCD in terms of price and materials used and performance effect | Enbon LED Display Manufacture

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Aug, 30 2023

LED and LCD screens have gained so much popularity lately but many people have been confused about which one is better out of the two. You might feel that you have to be a to find the best-LED screensatEnbon. However, this is not true. You just need to have a basic understanding of LED and LCD to find out which one is better. They both are similar in name, but they are worlds apart. Many users are switching from LCD screens to LED screens and the reason lies in the innumerable benefits LED screens offer. In this article, we explain the difference between LED and LCD screens and which is better.

LED VS LCD Technology

The main difference between LED and LCD screens comes from the display technology that they use to create the picture displayed. An important thing to understand is that the LED screens are the improvised version of the LCD.

LED screens have taken the technology a step further and have replaced fluorescent bulbs with LED backlight technology. The OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology has improved even further and has eliminated the need for a backlight. LED or LCD Screens: Why LED Screens Are Better?

Let us go through these factors to understand which technology wins in each criterion:
1. Energy efficient
There are endless uses of LED screens. They have replaced the fluorescent bulbs with light-emitting diodes. The LED screens are more energy-efficient than LCDs. A 32-inch LED screen consumes 10 watts less power than the same size LCD screen.

2. Size
Light-emitting diodes are smaller than fluorescent lamps that are used on LCD screens. Fluorescent lamps are equipped with considerable thickness. The thickness of diodes can be next to none. Countless diodes are assembled in the same plane. The thickness of the array is not increased no matter how many diodes are present. The LED panel is thinner as compared to the LCD panel. An LED screen is one-third the thickness of the LCD screen that is of the same size.

3. Response time
The uses of organic LED screens have surpassed the LCD screens. LED screen takes to shift from one color to another. The response times of the screens are measured in milliseconds (ms). The shorter the time to respond, the better quality of the images it produces. LED screens to come with shorter response times than LCD screens.

4. Contrast
The LED screen description offers the contrast details which include the full-array LED backlight rather than the big backlight. Enbon offers the best quality LED screens that offer significantly better contrast than LCDs. LCD backlight technology comes with LED backlight and can emit the entire RGB spectrum, and provides a deeper RGB contrast.

5. LCD screens last longer
If you wonder which display will last longer, this debate is also won by LED screens. LED screens have a longer lifespan of 100,000 hours on average. The use of LED monitor can last more than 50,000 hours provided by LCD televisions.

6. LED screens are better for eyes
The LED screen set up provides the option to dim the backlight. It also comes with other eye comfort features. These screens also provide a wider viewing angle and don’t harm the image quality. An LED display is far better for your eyes as compared to an LCD.

7. Maintenance
In an LED screen, a lot of smaller diodes can be sued. If a diode is damaged, it can be replaced easily. An LCD requires you to replace the entire bulb if it gets damaged. Therefore, an LED display is way easier to maintain cheaply as compared to LCD screens.

8. Cost
LEDs are designed with better and newer technology. The price of an LED screen is higher than an LCD. If you tell us to list two uses of organic LED screens the lifespan and easy maintenance of the LED display turn out to be cheaper than an LCD in the long run. Even though the initial cost of the LED screen may be higher but with the long lifespan and low-cost maintenance makes this screen a cheap option.

9. LED screens have better picture quality
LED screen details show that the picture quality of an LED display is far better than an LCD. It comes with modular light-emitting diodes and produces better control over the contrast. It also renders a clear picture and provides an RGB contrast. It shows truer blacks and truer whites on the screen a lot better than the LCDs. The LED screens also provide a shorter response time. Both these factors result in LED displays providing a better picture quality as compared to LCDs.

10. LED screens are less heavy than LCD screens
Since LED displays are considerably thinner than LCDs it makes them less heavy. On average, an LED screen weighs about half of an LCD screen of the same size. Which Screen Should You Choose to Buy: LCD or LED Screen?

LED wins the battle with LCD. It is because LED displays offer a lot of advantages in various factors that matter a lot while considering a purchase, except price. Even when you consider the price, you will discover that LED technology is costlier. It also provides better value for money and has a longer lifespan. The LED screens offer a longer lifespan and also offer easier maintenance. If you are considering buying a display for yourself, you should consider an LED screen without any second thoughts. Conclusion

The LED screens are often regarded as a third-generation displays. These screens meet the demands and preferences of all kinds of users. They are more attractive and innovative. They can be placed in a small space in new residential complexes. The LED screens available at Enbon come with an ultra-thin LED display and gives a cinematic experience. LED screens are the first choice among users these days. Most buyers switch to LED from LCD as this allows them to make their lives more enjoyable and better. You can enjoy a memorable and fun experiencing by using LED screens at your home.